Lightsources for Africa, the Americas and Middle East Project (LAAMP)

An IUPAP-IUCr project approved and funded under the 2016-2019 ICSU Grants Programme 


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Through this project, entitled in full Utilisation of Light Source and Crystallographic Sciences to Facilitate the Enhancement of Knowledge and Improve the Economic and Social Conditions in Targeted Regions of the World, ICSU will partner with IUPAP and IUCr to enhance Advanced Light Sources (AdLS) and crystallographic sciences in Africa, the Middle East, Mexico and Caribbean.

By enhancing AdLS and crystallographic sciences, the regions' peoples will benefit from the research that will tackle such devastating viruses as Zika, Ebola and HIV. Moreover, considerable progress will be achieved towards sustainable sources of clean energy. Finally, the regions contain important archeological and paleontological treasures to be explored by the beams from AdLSs. Thus, a major outcome of this project will be a buy-in by governmental officials that AdLSs and crystallography will bring major advances in their countries' socio-economic development.

Latest news

Cooperative brightness Andrea Lausi (Elettra Synchrotron Trieste, Italy and will talk about LAAMP during his plenary lecture entitled "Cooperative brightness" at the 7a Reunión de Usuarios de Luz Sincrotrón, which will be help in León, Guanajuato, Mexico on 3 to 6 October 2017.
LAAMP at the World Science Forum A thematic session sponsored by LAAMP and entitled "Light Sources and Crystallographic Sciences for Sustainable Development" has been approved to be part of the programme of the next World Science Forum.
Fill in the LAAMP survey It only takes few minutes to fill in the LAAMP survey and help develop a database of AdLS and crystallography users, and facilities used in the targeted regions of the project. Do it now!
2nd call for applications now open The second Call for Applications by LAAMP for Faculty-Student Teams to spend 2 months during Calendar Year 2018 at participating AdLSs is now open.
DEADLINE: 15 November 2017.
LAAMP at IUCr2017 A LAAMP kick-off event has been successfully hosted by the 24th Congress and General Assembly of the IUCr in Hyderabad.
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