The magical crystals

On the occasion of the International Year of Cristalography 2014, the Macedonian Montessori Association (MMA) has realized a series of educational workshops named "The magical crystals".

The workshops were designed for children between 4 and 10 years and were held during the period of 3 March 2014 - 5 October 2014 in the Montessori Center in Skopje. Workshops were held on Saturdays, with a duration of 4 hours for each workshop. Five workshops in all were held, on the following topics:

1. "2014 International Year of Crystallography" (08/03/2014)

At this workshop, children learned about the basic characteristics of crystals, their appearance, their origin, and the crystals we meet in everyday life (salt, sugar, snowflakes ...). The workshop ended with an experiment in the formation of crystals.

2. Crystals in Natural Science Museum (15/03/2014)

This workshop was organized in collaboration with the Natural Science Museum of Macedonia. There the children were able to learn about the most famous crystals, but also ones of greater rarity. At the Museum we made ​​a poster with pictures of crystals. Also, each child had the opportunity to draw his or her favourite crystal.

3. Crystals in laboratories (03/22/2014)

This workshop was organized in collaboration with the Technology and Metallurgy Faculty at the State University "St. Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje. Under the guidance of Professor Biljana Fidanchovska children observed the crystals under a microscope, talked about their perfect structure, the use of crystals in science etc.

4 Crown of Crystal (04/26/2014)

At the workshop we visited an atelier for making jewellery of the most authentic Macedonian crystal - Macedonian Rubin. At the atelier children could see how it was processed and how the pink Rubin jewels were made. Also we saw other crystals used for making jewellery and decorative items.

5. Treating with crystals (05/10/2014)

The workshop took place in a private dermatological practice. Children are introduced to the use of crystals in medicine and the cosmetics industry.

Interest in all the workshops was really great and they have involved about 100 children. Before the workshops, they were announced on a national TV media and continuously updated information was provided on our Facebook profile and our website. After the workshop we got our page in a children's magazine, "Smiley."

For more information and pictures about the workshops please visit our Facebook page and our web site

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