World largest crystal structure model

The largest section of a crystal's atomic structure ever to be physically modeled true to scale in 3D - officially registered with Guinness Book of Records!

This project is organised by crystallographer/geoscientist and science communicator Dr. Robert Krickl to serve didactic purposes, to communicate the beauty of nature and introduce science to general public - especially young people. The project is under the auspices and in partnership with IUCr.

To honour the 100th anniversary of Braggs' Nobel Prize, a very special outreach project is finalized to communicate crystallography:


42,875 balls and a total of ca. 12 km of sticks are assembled to form the largest crystal structure model in the world. The entire cube shaped model of a NaCl-type structure will be over three meters tall and impressively visualize translational symmetry in a crystal. It is prepared and assembled by crystallographer and science communicator Robert Krickl in years of work.

Parts of the structure were already shown in exhibitions and in public space. The final assembly and official world record will take place in November 2015 in Vienna City Hall along with public events, lectures, guided tours and activities for school and kindergarden children. However, before and afterwards, the model shall be used for didactic purposes in exhibitions and at events to raise awareness for crystallography.

Sponsor an atom!

Are you looking for attractive possibilities for advertising your company?
Or perhaps are you looking for a special present for someone?

If so, this is your opportunity: help us set this world record and be forever connected with this model, that will bring a lot of people closer to science.
Balls can be personalized with "virtual graffiti" - honouring people, leaving messages, citations,... Also, there is attractive advertisement space for companies seen by thousands - online and at each place the model will be displayed in the future.

Sponsor an atom (i.e. a ball) for € 1 per ball, which will henceforth be dedicated to you, a company, a person, or as a special gift to someone else. A structure chart showing all dedicated spheres is shown here.


imageFinal assembling and science communication events are scheduled on 27 October to 30 November 2015 at:

Vienna City Hall (courtyard) 
Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1 
1010 Vienna, Austria (Europe)

 More information and a detailed programme of the events associated with the assembling of the world largest crystal structure model will be given soon.

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About the author

World's largest crystal structure and organiser Robert Krickl

Robert Krickl (b. 1981) is a mineralogist and crystallographer with emphasis on interdisciplinary topics connected to other geo-, bio- and material- as well as historical sciences. Besides scientific research, he dedicated his life to the communication of science to general public of all ages. After finishing his PhD in 2009, he does project-based research and is self employed, devoting himself to outreach, i.e. journalism, giving lectures, organising exhibitions, roadshows, school and kindergarten activities. He is known and recognized for his new and innovative ways of communicating science to everyone (inter alia winner of the British Council's FameLab competition) and has a wide national and international network (inter alia bord member of the Austrian Mineralogical Society and National Focal Point of the Earth Science Matters Foundation). You can get more information on his affiliations, projects and current activities on his web site and facebook page (like it to follow).

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