IUCr, International Union of Crystallography

UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Partners for the International Year of Crystallography 2014

IYCr events coordinator

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Michele Zema Project Manager for IYCr2014

Gautam R. Desiraju IUCr, President
Maciej Nalecz UNESCO, Director, Executive Secretary of IBSP (International Basic Sciences Programme)

Claude Lecomte IUCr, Vice-President
Luc Van Meervelt IUCr, General Secretary and Treasurer
Samar Hasnain IUCr, Editor-in-Chief  

Jean-Paul Ngome Abiaga UNESCO, IBSP Assistant Programme Specialist
Ahmed Fahmi  UNESCO, IBSP Programme Specialist
Magalie Lebreton-Traoré UNESCO, IBSP Programme Specialist

Co-ordinating organization - International Non-governmental Organization

unesco-iucr IUCr-UNESCO

Forthcoming events

All projects and events

This is a concise listing of all major projects and calendar events (past and future) associated with the International Year of Crystallography 2014 under the aegis of this organization.

Crystal-growing competition for UNESCO Associated Schools The International Union of Crystallography is organizing, together with UNESCO, a special crystal growing competition for selected schools belonging to the UNESCO Associated Schools Network. Selected schools receive a starters kit containing some documentation and 1 kg alum, the material to crystallize during this competition. A brochure provides information to teachers and schools who participate in this exciting venture.

20th Jan 2014 IYCr2014 Opening Ceremony UNESCO Main Building, Paris
28th Apr 2014 South Asian Summit meetings on "Vistas in Structural Chemistry" Celebrating International year of Crystallography 2014 ICCBS, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
30th Apr 2014 Bruker OpenLab Pakistan Karachi
5th May 2014 Agilent OpenLab Argentina La Plata and Buenos Aires
20th May 2014 Bruker OpenLab Morocco Rabat and Agadir
9th Jun 2014 PANalytical OpenLab Ghana University of Ghana, Accra
7th Jul 2014 Rigaku OpenLab Cambodia Phnom Penh
23rd Jul 2014 Bruker OpenLab Uruguay Montevideo
18th Aug 2014 Bruker OpenLab Indonesia Bandung
1st Sep 2014 Agilent OpenLab Turkey Izmir
10th Sep 2014 STOE DECTRIS Xenocs OpenFactory Grenoble and Darmstadt
22nd Sep 2014 Latin American Summit Meeting on Biological Crystallography and Complementary Methods Campinas, SP
15th Oct 2014 Pan African and South African Summit Meeting on Crystallography as vehicle to promote Science in Africa and beyond Department of Chemistry, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa
27th Oct 2014 Rigaku OpenLab Colombia Bucaramanga
9th May 2015 Bruker OpenLab Algeria Constantine