Event Name Representations of Matter in Real and Reciprocal Space: Images and Objects from Crystallography
Start Date 15th Aug 2014
End Date 22nd Aug 2014
Duration 8 days

This exhibition at the University of Sydney’s Verge Gallery will consist of images and objects derived from both diffraction patterns and crystal structures. It will focus on the different ways of representing crystals – in both real and reciprocal space – and their relationship to the practical uses of crystalline materials. As scientists we tend to consider such images and objects as utilitarian or even banal, but occasions such as IYCr remind us that the general public often sees them as intricate and beautiful. We are designing this exhibit to highlight the aesthetics of crystallographic images while also explaining to the audience (in layman’s terms) more complex but fascinating subjects such as modulated structures, quasicrystals, short-range order (diffuse scattering) and magnetic structures.  

Location Sydney
Contact Chris Ling
Category exhibitions