Event Name Edible crystals... can you believe it?
Start Date 1st Nov 2013 6:30pm
End Date
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Cristalli da mangiare... chi l'avrebbe mai detto?
Edible crystals... can you believe it?

What links crystallography to a chocolate bar that melts pleasantly in the mouth and has the surface sheen and crisp hardness that make it so tasty? And how is crystallography involved in the preparation of a soft and smooth ice-cream?

A public lecture by Prof Dario Braga from University of Bologna at the "Festival delle Science" in Genoa.

Location Genova
Contact Paolo P. Mazzeo
URL http://www.festivalscienza.it/site/home/programma/eventi-per-tipo/conferenze/cristalli-da-mangiare...-chi-lavrebbe-mai.html
Category lectures