Event Name Malvern Panalytical OpenLab Turkey 2
Start Date 10th Sep 2018
End Date 13th Sep 2018
Duration 4 days


OpenLab and crystallographic training in X-ray Powder Diffraction

Partners of IUCr and UNESCO for OpenLab Turkey: Malvern Panalytical


Venue: UNAM, National Nanotechnology Research Center at Bilkent University in Ankara

An IUCr-UNESCO initiative in collaboration with Malvert Panalytical BV, Atomika Teknik, UNAM, the National Nanotechnology Research Center at Bilkent University in Ankara, the Turkish Crystallographic Association and the University of Padova (Italy).

The IUCr-UNESCO Malvern Panalytical OpenLab Turkey 2 was organized as a follow-up of the educational initiatives started during the International Year of Crystallography in 2014, namely the IUCr-UNESCO Panalytical OpenLab Turkey 1 (Ankara, 19-22 January 2015).

Local organizers

Prof. Enver Kahveci (University of Bilkent and UNAM)
Prof. Betül Kaynak and Prof. Suheyla Ozbey (Hacettepe University, Ankara and Turkish Crystallographic Association)


Prof. Gilberto Artioli, Università di Padova, Italy
Prof. Maurizio Bellotto, Università di Padova, Italy
Dr Marco Sommariva, Malvert Panalytical B.V., Almelo, The Netherlands


Enver Kahveci, UNAM, Turkey
Enver Can Kilic, Atomika Teknik, Turkey


The program of the OpenLab covered the basics of crystallography and diffraction, the experimental geometries for powder diffraction, data interpretation (including phase identification, quantitative phase analysis, available software, and databases) and introduction to full-profile refinement, as well as specific applications which are relevant for industries such as in the mining and building materials fields.

Practicals of Rietveld refinement on several examples were carried out, also including refinement of the data from the IUCr CPD Round Robin on Quantitative Phase Analysis (http://www.iucr.org/resources/commissions/powder-diffraction/projects/qarr/data).

A half-day hands-on session made use of the the Malvern Panalytical powder diffractometer installed at UNAM and focused on the important aspects of a good sample preparation for powder diffraction experiments and good practices for data collection and interpretation

Freeware software and databases, such as GSAS and the COD, were shown and used in depth in order to direct the attendees towards independent crystallographic activities. A trial version of HighScore Plus software was also used and introduced as an example of a commercial program for the analysis of powder diffraction data.

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Location Ankara
Contact Marco Sommariva
URL http://www.panalytical.com/en/Event/IYCr2014-OpenLab-Turkey.htm
Category openlabs