Event Name Novosibirsk Science Festival EUREKA!FEST
Start Date 15th May 2014
End Date 18th May 2014
Duration 4 days
Description "Science is all around us!"

The key aim of the festival is to show the contents of modern science and the importance of the technological development in a very accessible manner. We would also like to highlight the impact of scientific advances on the main humanitarian trends and the formation of brand new professions. The festival was initiated by Novosibirsk State University and Akademgorodok Foundation. General partner of the festival is Dynasty Foundation.

"Discovery phenomenon" was chosen as the main theme for this year. Thus we intend to substantiate the significance of scientific discoveries as well as the discoveries which we make every day whilst adapting to the fast changes of our surrounding world. It is also worth to focus the attention of the young audience on the attractiveness of science, as a way of doing and thinking, in order to generate interest to their future work in scientific field.

Sciences of the year: crystallography, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering sciences, cosmology, astrophysics, paleontology, educational psychology, hybrid pedagogic.

The comprehensive festival program includes more than 15 public lectures, seminars and panel discussions in the science café as well as in the University campus; science slam, which involves a "scientific battle" between young scientists; a training-conference on education and the professions of the future “Beyong the classroom”. Finally the most substantial program slot will be the outdoor event in  a  science picnic manner - "Archimedes Town" - which covers “fair of scientific discoveries” (20-25 tent-labs present their scientific researches), scientific auditorium for short speeches from selected experts, also experimental polygons for physics, chemistry and biology, mobile planetarium, exhibition area, scientific cinema etc.

The festival is created for people of all ages who are interested in science or those who are just curious and never been involved in any of the scientific disciplines.

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Location Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok
Russian Federation
Contact Alisa Ivanenko
URL http://eurekafest.nsu.ru/
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