Event Name 100 Years of X-ray Diffraction
Start Date 18th Nov 2012
End Date 22nd Nov 2012
Duration 5 days

11th International School and Workshop on Macro-molecular Structure of Biological and Non-Biological Materials

The School and Workshop aim to celebrate the 100 years of X-Ray Diffraction and to provide a forum for exchange of knowledge in the fields of crystallography in order to get the latest developments in structure determination of biological and non-biological molecules. During this occasion, the history and developments of Crystallography in Egypt and North Africa will be reviewed. Single crystal and powder techniques will be considered using conventional Sealed Tube and non-conventional Synchrotron Radiation. Advanced applications of different techniques such as Small Angle Scattering as well as Raman and IR spectroscopy in characterizations of materials will be also covered. Hands-on computer training on the latest developed programs in the field will be also available.

Location Hurghada, Red Sea
Contact Prof. Dr. Karimat El-Sayed
URL http://www.iucr.org/news/notices/meetings/meeting_mm_structure_11
Category schools and workshops