Event Name Structural Characterization of Materials using X-ray Diffraction of Polycrystalline Samples
Start Date 15th May 2014 9:00am
End Date 15th May 2014 1:00pm
Duration 4 hours
Description In the framework of the Conference on Research and Dissemination (Jornadas de Investigación y Extensión) at the Faculty of Sciences, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Dr. Gerzon Delgado will hold a Workshop on Powder X-Ray Diffraction used for the determination of structure, texture and crystallite size, aimed at students with a basic knowledge on X-Ray Diffraction. The lecture is scheduled on 15 May and is part of the celebrations for the International Year of Crystallography in Venezuela.

Location Caracas
Contact Carlos Rojas
URL http://www.coordinv.ciens.ucv.ve/jornadas/
Category schools and workshops