Crystallography365 ... matters more!

[Entry for April 29]We are delighted to announce that the stunningly successful Crystallography365 blog has found an additional home on the Crystallography matters ... more! website. This superb project was one of the public outreach highlights of the International Year of Crystallography 2014. Every day through the year, Helen Maynard-Caseley and her team posted a different crystal structure, introducing the public at large to some of the most important crystal structures ever determined, and offering information and entertainment on a whole host of others. Among the individual structures and themed collections to explore are DNA and the ribosome; haemoglobin, vitamin B12 and cellulose; the many different phases of ice; the composition of Planet Earth; the reason a lobster changes colour on cooking; new discoveries in battery technology; birthstones and other gems; extraterrestrial materials; and many, many more. Bookmark the perpetual calendar feature of Crystallography365, and treat yourself to a fresh insight to the world of crystallography every day.