"I discovered a great new world of possibilities"

Bruker_logoLorena M.: ”The course […] was a very good experience." Lisandro O.: “As student of the course I can tell you that the experience was really rewarding. Everything was perfect and one could feel that nothing was done at random. I really enjoyed being part of it." Ivana A.: “I enjoyed the OpenLab much [more] than I had thought in the beginning. [...] I discovered a great new world of possibilities, and I realized that there are many things that I can do and I did not know." Guzmán P.: “It also was a great deal to have let everyone measure their own crystals on a diffractometer which was installed just one week before the OpenLab."

The latest issue of the Bruker FIRST Newsletter features an article on the IYCr2014 OpenLab Uruguay. Read the testimonials of some of the students who participated in this event.