OpenLab Cameroon @PCCr1

label_draft_v.2.0To coincide with the 1st Panafrican Conference on Crystallography (PCCr1), a Bruker portable X2S single-crystal diffractometer will be made available at the University of Dschang. During the days of the conference, two Bruker delegates, Eric Hovestreydt and Loïc Le Dréau, will assist for installation, demonstration and data collections and analyses. Support will be given by IUCr delegates, Claude Lecomte and Michele Zema and local organizer Patrick Kenfack.
The Bruker system is intended to remain at the University of Dschang for a period of few months after the PCCr1 conference, allowing local researchers to conduct in-house XRD single-crystal measurements. During these period, dedicated courses will be organized locally to train young students.