Winners of the Belgian Crystallization contest announced

For the fourteenth edition of the Belgian Crystal Growing Competition, alum was chosen as material for growing single crystals. The crystallization experiments took place over a period of four weeks. In total 94 schools registered for the competition and 265 crystals were submitted for judging. In addition there was a special competition for growing single crystals of alum, starting from a green seed crystal obtained by adding a food colorant to the initial crystallization solution. 

The winners were announced during the prize awarding ceremony on 21 May 2014 in the Academy Palace in Brussels. For each age category three prices were awarded: Best Crystal with Green Seed, Second Prize and First Prize (numbers below refer to the picture of the winning crystals). As well as a beautiful trophy, the winners received glassware, books and videos. For this special IYCr2014 edition of the competition all participants received a nice T-shirt as a souvenir.

Category age 12-14

  • Middenschool Anton Bergmann Lier – Luna Bastens, Laura Brees – tutor Guido Broeckhoven (best crystal with green seed, #1)
  • Sint-Barbaracollege Gent – Olivier Heyvaert – tutor Nancy Danneels (second prize, #3)
  • Middenschool Anton Bergmann Lier – Morina Rinor, Margot Bellis – tutor Guido Broeckhoven (first prize, #2)

Category age 15-16

  • Spectrumcollege OHvM Lummen – Alex Willems, Jasper Teunen – tutor Lode Vanhoutte (best crystal with green seed, #4)
  • Spectrumcollege OHvM Lummen – Alex Willems, Jasper Teunen – tutor Lode Vanhoutte (second prize, #6)
  • Heilig Maagdcollege Dendermonde – Lynn Ost, Laura Bosman, Matthias Looft – tutor Hans Kinders (first prize, #5)

Category age 17-18

  • Sint-Martinusscholen Herk-de-Stad – Eveline Santermans – tutor Greet Vangeel (best crystal with green seed, #7)
  • Institut Notre-Dame Jupille – 8 pupils – tutor Eric Dellicour (second prize, #9)
  • Paridaensinstituut Leuven - Anneleen Cox, Heleen Dausy, Pabitra Gurung - tutor Brigitte Achten (first prize, #8)

The prize for the Best Schools, Institut Sainte-Claire Verviers and Spectrumcollege OHvM Lummen, consists of a visit to the Scientific and Technical Research Center for Diamond in Lier. Twelve schools also participated in the video competition. Prizes for the best videos were given to Sint-Martinusscholen Herk-de-Stad and Institut Notre-Dame Jupille.

Prof. Luc Van Meervelt
GST International Union of Crystallography
Chemistry Department KU Leuven
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