IYCr2014 crystal-growing competition for schools

Co-ordinating group

This group contains representatives of all national and regional competitions taking part in the international event. If you are organizing a competition and want to participate, or if you represent a new organization that is not listed here, please contact Luc Van Meervelt.

Member Representing
Luc Van Meervelt (Chair) International Union of Crystallography and Belgian Crystal-Growing Competition
Juanma Garcia-Ruiz Spain - Concurso de Cristalización en la Escuela
Jagadese J. Vittal  Singapore - National Crystal Growing Challenge
Samantha Wynne UK - Crystal Growing Competition for Schools - East of England region
Jean-Christophe Nazé France - Concours de croissance cristalline de l'UdPPC Lille
Denis Bussières Canada - National Crystal Growing Competition
Diego Lamas Argentina - Concurso de Crecimiento de Cristales en Colegios Secundarios