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An optical micrograph of the perfect dodecahedral symmetry  of the mm-sized, single icosahedral quasi-crystal Ho8.7Mg34.6Zn56.8. Courtesy of I. R. Fischer


  • Perennial objects of desire
  • Essential for determining how atoms arrange themselves and why materials have the properties they do!
  • Numerous applications in materials science, nano-technology, biology/medicine/pharmaceuticals ...

Crystals of freshly fallen snow
© B. Le Saffre, J.-M. Panel, Collection of the Musem of Grenoble

"Jouvence" pendant
© Col. Jean Vendome

Pyrite or "fools gold"
© Grenoble Natural History Museum
Fluorite © Grenoble Natural History Museum

Calcite - Sarbaiski Mine, Kazakhstan
© Grenoble Natural History Museum
A presentation initially prepared by the French Crystallographic Association for the exhibition "Journey into the Crystal" and modified to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography (IYCr) in 2014
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