This is a concise listing of all major projects and calendar events (past and future) in this category, associated with the International Year of Crystallography 2014.


Commemorative lectures Caparica Commemorative lectures to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography in the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

15th Mar 2013 La biocristallographie : un outil incontournable pour de nouveaux médicaments BU des Sciences, Place centrale Campus de Grenoble
14th Oct 2013 Crystallography Now and in the Beginning Kumamoto
27th Oct 2013 National Symposium for Chemistry Students' Association Jeziory near Poznan,The Great Poland National Park
1st Nov 2013 Edible crystals... can you believe it? Genova
2nd Nov 2013 Crystals to wear Palazzo Ducale, Sala del Minor Consiglio P.zza Matteotti 9 - Genova
13th Nov 2013 De la découverte de la diffraction des rayons X par les cristaux Nantes
20th Nov 2013 Hundred years of exploring the world of atoms Zagreb
23rd Nov 2013 Crystallography - a different point of view Poznań
3rd Dec 2013 Two Braggs Public Lecture Oxford
17th Dec 2013 Scientific Legacy of Nikola Tesla Zagreb
6th Jan 2014 Public Lecture to commemorate 25 years of NCCS and kick-off IYCr celebrations in Pune Pune
8th Jan 2014 "Quasicrystals" lecture New York City
14th Jan 2014 University Lectures on CK Zamek Poznań, CK Zamek
22nd Jan 2014 Lectures "la cristallographie, une clef de la connaissance" UNESCO, Paris
22nd Jan 2014 The Order of Crystallography Chicago
31st Jan 2014 A century of symmetry discovered: a crystallographer's tale London
13th Feb 2014 From Penrose tilings to Siberian glaciers: the extraordinary search for natural quasicrystals Aula Magna of the University of Florence
15th Feb 2014 National Science Day: Year of Crystallography Lecture. Puducherry
21st Feb 2014 IYCr2014 Leuven lecture series Leuven
3rd Mar 2014 2014: un mondo di cristalli Parma
11th Mar 2014 IYCr2014 Leuven lecture series Leuven
13th Mar 2014 Giornata di Inaugurazione IYCr2014@UNISA Fisciano
20th Mar 2014 La Cristallografia a Milano nel centenario della scoperta: Scienze della Terra, Chimica, Polimeri, Scienze della Vita Palazzo Brera – Via Brera 28, Milano – Sala delle Adunanze
27th Mar 2014 IYCr2014 Melbourne public lecture series Melbourne
2nd Apr 2014 Lecture for Geology Students' Association Poznań
9th Apr 2014 The Role of Crystallography in the Discovery of the DNA Double Helix Poznań
10th Apr 2014 IYCr2014 Melbourne public lecture series Melbourne
15th Apr 2014 Exploring the nanoworld Siena
16th Apr 2014 International Year of Crystallography at FCT-NOVA Caparica
22nd Apr 2014 World Earth Day Conferences Cobán
28th Apr 2014 The Discovery of X-ray Diffraction: from Crystals to the Structure of DNA Siena
30th Apr 2014 Lecture by Professor Noam Adir at FCT-NOVA Caparica
8th May 2014 La doppia elica del DNA: la storia della scoperta Benevento
12th May 2014 Jornadas de Investigación y Extensión de la Facultad de Ciencias UCV Caracas
13th May 2014 Crystallography Lecture Series Edinburgh
14th May 2014 Lecture by Doctor Margarida Archer at FCT-NOVA Caparica
14th May 2014 „Kristalle : die Erforschung ihrer Eigenschaften im Wandel der Zeit" Vienna
19th May 2014 The International Year of Crystallography IYCr2014 at Siena Siena
21st May 2014 La doble belleza de los Cristales Pamplona
21st May 2014 3rd ASEAN Synchrotron Science Camp Nakhon Ratchasima
22nd May 2014 IYCr2014 Melbourne public lecture series Melbourne
28th May 2014 Lecture by Doctor João Morais Cabral at FCT-NOVA Caparica
28th May 2014 Crystals, Forbidden Symmetries & Quasi-Crystals Oil and Gas Exhibition Center
28th May 2014 „Die Genese von Großlagerstätten in Raum und Zeit“ Vienna
11th Jun 2014 Lecture by Doctor Giuseppina Padeletti at FCT-NOVA caparica
13th Jun 2014 La simmetria, i cristalli, le strutture, Escher, le opere, le mirabili molecole io canto Caraglio
18th Jun 2014 Kristallklare Erkenntnisse in der biologischen Forschung – Ein Beitrag zum UN-Jahr der Kristallographie Saarbrücken
23rd Jun 2014 Lecture by Professor Robert Huber Caparica
25th Jun 2014 RiAus PDplus: Crystallography Adelaide and Online
6th Jul 2014 Chai and Why? (Science Cafe) : As clear as crystal Mumbai, Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
17th Jul 2014 IYCr2014 Melbourne public lecture series Melbourne
23rd Jul 2014 Kashiwa Library, The 3rd Science Café Event “A process until artificial DNA is produced from the crystal of DNA” Chiba Prefecture
23rd Jul 2014 „Farbe einmal anders : Photonische Kristalle in Natur und Forschung“ Vienna
23rd Jul 2014 Farbe Einmal Anders: Photonische Kristalle In Natur Und Forschung Vienna
2nd Aug 2014 Open lecture at Yokohama National University "Crystals in our daily lives" Yokohama
3rd Aug 2014 Chai and Why? (Science Cafe): Quasicrystals: From impossibility to Nobel prize Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai
6th Aug 2014 Crystals: A World to Discover Leacock Building, Room 132, McGill University Campus, Montreal, QC
7th Aug 2014 The Amazing Ribosome and its Tiny Enemy Bangkok
7th Aug 2014 Quasi-Periodic Crystals – a Paradigm Shift in Crystallography Leacock Building, Room 132, McGill University Campus, Montreal, QC
11th Aug 2014 What is a Crystal? New Answers to an Old Question Leacock Building, Room 132, McGill University Campus, Montreal, QC
17th Aug 2014 Chai and Why? (Science Cafe): The colour of gemstones: beauty in imperfections Mumbai, Ruparel College, Matunga
22nd Aug 2014 RACI Tasmania Branch Public Lecture: What is X-ray Crystallography and how did it transform our view of the world? Hobart
25th Aug 2014 International Year of Crystallography 2014 Lecture Series Perth
26th Aug 2014 Crystallography Lectures at Silliman Dumaguete City
10th Sep 2014 Plenary Lecture at the first SGI-SIMP meeting Milano
17th Sep 2014 International Year of Crystallography 2014 Lecture Series Perth
22nd Sep 2014 Honouring Felix Machatschki in Arnfels Arnfels
23rd Sep 2014 Structural Biology and its Translation into Practice and Business, my Experience Poznan
30th Sep 2014 Kristalle @Ebensee Ebensee
1st Oct 2014 Molybdenum Biochemistry: from neurodegeneration to synaptogenesis and blood pressure Caparica
4th Oct 2014 KRISTALLE @ Lange Nacht der Museen Vienna
8th Oct 2014 YoungChem2014 Szczecin
8th Oct 2014 Revolutionising GPCR crystallography and implications for structure-based drug discovery Caparica
8th Oct 2014 „Metall-organische Gerüstverbindungen - die wunderbare Welt poröser Kristalle!“ Vienna
10th Oct 2014 Crystallography from Laue and Bragg to Nowadays Skopje
11th Oct 2014 Crystal morphology course Antwerp
14th Oct 2014 Aux confins de la matière Unamur
15th Oct 2014 International Year of Crystallography 2014 Lecture Series Perth
17th Oct 2014 Extension Lecture series on X-ray Crystallography Sirsa (Haryana) India
18th Oct 2014 Crystals around us: food, spa and medicines Parma
22nd Oct 2014 „Kristallphänomene in der Arzneimittelentwicklung“ Vienna
25th Oct 2014 Crystal morphology course Antwerp
29th Oct 2014 Unveiling a new world of pharmaceuticals and bioinspired frameworks Caparica
31st Oct 2014 TV Lecture "Development of Crystallography in the past 100 years" Skopje
4th Nov 2014 The Value of Exploring Mars to Mankind Liverpool
12th Nov 2014 Investigating Extreme States of Matter by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Caparica
12th Nov 2014 Katzengold und Silberfisch Vienna
15th Nov 2014 Crystal morphology course Antwerp
16th Nov 2014 The Mistery of the Giant Crystals Universum, Museo de las Ciencia de la UNAM
21st Nov 2014 Celebration of International year of Crystallography 2014 Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu state
24th Nov 2014 Kashiwa Library, The 4th Science Café Event “Science 2.0 and Changes in Scholarly Communication Tools” Chiba Prefecture
26th Nov 2014 Materials and Crystallography: a personal travel guide caparica
29th Nov 2014 Crystal morphology course Antwerp
3rd Dec 2014 Precession Electron Diffraction Siena
13th Dec 2014 Crystal morphology course Antwerp
10th Jan 2015 Crystal morphology course Antwerp
26th Jan 2015 Lecture on the activities for IYCr2014 in Austria Vienna
4th Feb 2015 Lecture by Professor Ada Yonath at FCT-NOVA Caparica
1st Jun 2015 Crystallography, philately and a review on IYCr Vienna