[wooden crystal models]

Voyage dans le Cristal - a Journey into the Crystal

Voyage dans le cristal was a major exhibition shown in 2009 in Grenoble and other French cities, and the basis for a presentation at the 2012 Bragg Centenary Symposium in Adelaide. The exhibition presents to the general public the science and the beauty of matter in the crystalline state. The exhibition was mounted with the contribution of numerous partner laboratories under the management of the Grenoble Museum of Natural History and the French Association of Crystallography. Voyage dans le cristal recounts humanity’s interaction with crystals, through art and science, from prehistoric times to the present day. It invites the public on a voyage to discover crystals in their many aspects: their wonder and mystery; their place in the history of science; their use in multiple contemporary applications.

Original version of the exhibition posters used in the Bragg Symposium presentation courtesy of Jean-Louis Hodeau (Institut Néel – CNRS – Grenoble) and Association Française de Cristallographie