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[IUCr President]

IUCr President introduces the International Year of Crystallography 2014

This message from IUCr President Gautam Desiraju was a contribution to the virtual press conference launching IYCr2014.

The United Nations declared 2014 as the International Year of Crystallography and charged the International Union of Crystallography to work with UNESCO in celebrating the Year and popularizing this very important subject. The IUCr and UNESCO have undertaken a wide-ranging program of activities from crystal growing experiments for school children to highly specialized scientific meetings and summits for researchers. An ambitious program of open laboratories has been launched in at least 20 countries worldwide to provide an opportunity for students and young researchers to obtain hands-on training with sophisticated equipment. The future of crystallography lies in these parts of the world that have the people power and an increasingly growing economic muscle. The IUCr is committed to the spreading of the subject of crystallography in all parts of the world.

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