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[Richard Garrett]

¿Qué es un cristal?

Dr Leopoldo Suescun, PEDECIBA Investigator in Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry, Universidad de la República, and Dr. Alejandro Buschiazzo, PEDECIBA Investigator in Biology at the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, introduce us to the world of crystals, crystallography and X-ray diffraction. They explain that the atoms in a crystal are arranged in a precise way and that this ordering determines the physical, chemical or biological properties of the molecules or materials. They also describe the main techniques for structural analysis of polycrystals and single crystals using X-rays, and the types of information that can be obtained from experiments performed with different equipment. Also featuring Ing. Quím. Santiago Vazquez and Lic. Natalia Alvarez. This video was created as part of the activities of the International Year of Crystallography 2014 in Uruguay.

Created by TarkioFilm for PEDECIBA. Funded by ANCAP and PEDECIBA.

Category: Science & Technology.
Duration: 12m 32s
Language: Spanish.
License: Standard YouTube Licence