Examples of artificially grown crystals

trithiocarbonate pyrrolidinium 

This picture was captured with a optic microscope. The molecule is a new ionic liquid complexe.
[Contributed by Noel Pinaud on 20 Nov 2014]          

Crystal details

Compound name trithiocarbonate pyrrolidinium
Formula C20H28N2S6
Dimensions 400 x 100 x 100 um
Mass ?
Colour transparent
Keywords inorg

Growth conditions

Technique slow evaporation
Temperature 290
Pressure 1
Growth rate
Solvent dry
Doping procedure dry
Keywords vapour; sol


Application(s) We work on physic-chemistry reaction on ionic liquid. Our fiel is the capture of CO2 in IL and understand mecanisms betheen gas and IL. In the case we use CS2 to find the way to understand mecanism and we create a new complexe in the IL.
Link(s) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.241784889326326.1073741832.148861518618664&type=1
Other remarks the crystal is a good condidat for light polarisation. When we use a polarised filter, we obtain a lot of nice colors !

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