Collection of artificially grown crystals

This collection of crystals has been selected by the IUCr Commission on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials as examples of high-quality crystals grown artificially. If you would like to add your examples, please use the submission form.

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Protein crystals Protein crystals grown at pH around 2 (buffer is KCl buffered with HCl!) showing three different crystal forms (needles, plates and cubes). All three crystal forms diffracted X-rays beyond 1.8Å resolution!
Cobalt Niobate This crystal was grown via the optical floating zone method. two sides consisted of perfectly flat facets, with a spiral-like structure on the other two faces. The tip is a polycrystal resulting from the termination of the floating zone and cooling.
Timothy Munsie
ytterbium yttrium aluminium oxide This is a (Yb,Y)3Al5O12 solid solution crystal grown by the Czochralski technique. The blue color is caused by Yb2+. The [Yb]/[Y] ratio is 4:1.
Steffen Ganschow
muf-7a Growing beautiful crystals like these is one of the joys of doing chemistry. These perfect specimens take the shape of a truncated rhombic dodecahedron. They are from a class of materials known as metal-organic frameworks, and they spontaneously grow from zinc metal ions and organic ligands. Although imperceptible at this scale, X-ray crystallography shows us that they have a sponge-like structure with large pores and voids. In fact, the internal surface area of a gram of these crystals is equivalent to an entire football field! These materials are being investigated for their ability to store gases such as hydrogen for powering next-generation vehicles. These photos were taken with a conventional optical microscope.
Lujia Liu
Gypsum Gypsum group, showing twinned crystals, obtained using gel crystallization.
César Menor Salván

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