Collection of artificially grown crystals

This collection of crystals has been selected by the IUCr Commission on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials as examples of high-quality crystals grown artificially. If you would like to add your examples, please use the submission form.

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Er3Rh4Sn13 Single Crystal A single crystal of Er3Rh4Sn13 grown using Sn as flux
A. Thamizhavel
lithium aluminum oxide, "lithium aluminate" For details see B. Veličkov, A. Mogilatenko, R. Bertram, D. Klimm, R. Uecker, W. Neumann, R. Fornari, J. Crystal Growth 310 (2008) 214-220. The crystal was grown and the picture was taken by M. Br� IKZ Berlin.
Detlef Klimm
Silicate Yttrinm Lutetium crystal 0.8mm diameter LYSO of 85mm long
Sara Faraj
Gypsum Gypsum group, showing twinned crystals, obtained using gel crystallization.
César Menor Salván
low temperature bainite Surface relief caused by displacive solid-state transformation in steel. Transformation is from fully austenite (face-centred cubic) to a bainitic nanostructure (in this case, body-centred cubic crystals embedded in the austenite). This surface displacement can be used to characterised the shear component of the transformation. Although the crystals are near the nm scale bulk samples of tonnage scale can be transformed to this microstructure.
Mathew Peet

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