Examples of artificially grown crystals

Mn-doped enstatite 

Optical image of reddish crystals of Mn-doped enstatite
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Crystal details

Compound name Mn-doped enstatite
Formula (Mn,Mg)2Si2O6
Colour reddish
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Growth conditions

Technique Flux growth
Temperature 1620 K
Growth rate
Solvent MnO
Doping procedure MnO
Keywords melt


Application(s) In recent years, particular interest has been addressed by researchers in the synthesis and study of enstatite (MgSiO3). This is related with the good physical, chemical, electrical, mechanical properties of enstatite. In fact, it is useful for several technological applications such as substrates in electronics, as insulators at high frequencies, as materials for thermal insulation in applications at high temperatures, and mainly for laser technology luminescence.
Link(s) http://www.science24.com/paper/29697
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