Artificially grown crystals

Listed by chemical formula

Images submitted to the collection are listed below by chemical formula. Click here to return to the main collection page.

BPTI "Artichoke"
Colorfull crystals
Curcumin from Turmeric
(Mn,Mg)2Si2O6Mn-doped enstatite
(NH4)2NixCo(1-X)(SO4)2 6H2OMimi
(NH4)2NixCo(1-X)(SO4)2.6H2OCristal Mimi
(Ni,Mg)2SiO4Ni-doped Forsterite
AgBr0.9I0.1AgHalide with Defects
Al2(WO4)3Aluminum Tungstate
Bi12TiO20Bismuth Titanium Oxide
Bi2ZnB2O7Bismuth Zinc Borate
C16H22N2O5Crystals of Serotonin Adipate in Polarized light
C2 H5 N O2, C5 H8 O4Co-crystal of glycine with glutaric acid
C20H28N2S6Crystallin candies helix
C22H16N3S16CuClCrystalline christmas tree
C27H45OHCholesterol Crystals
C27H45OHCholesterol crystal
C44H54Si2A piece of art
C6H3(COOH)3 and C6H4(COOH)2Trimesic Acid and Isophthalic Acid
C6H8O6*C3H7NO3co-crystals of l-ascorbic acid with l-serine under under polarized light
CaC2O4.H2OCalcium Oxalate Crystal
CaF2 & CaSrF2Single, Mixed and Codoped Optical Fluoride Monocrystals
Cd0.5Fe0.5In2S4CdFeInS crystals
CdSCdS rey
cdsxse1-xCdSSe rey
CH4N2OThe Conference
CoNb2O6Cobalt Niobate
Dy2Ti2O7Dysprosium Titanate
DyScO3dysprosium scandate
Er3Rh4Sn13Er3Rh4Sn13 Single Crystal
Fe-3.3C-3.1Si-1.9Mn-1.52Cr-0.16Mo-0.1V-0.005P-0.005S (At.%)Nanostructured Steel
K2Ni(SO4)2.6H2O (KNSH)Crystal of Tutton salt family
KCr(SO4)2*12H2O; KAl(SO4)2*12H2OAlum
KH2PO4Painting crystals
La0.8Pr0.2AlO3Rare Earth Aluminate (La0.8Pr0.2AlO3)
LiAlO2lithium aluminum oxide
LiB3O5LiB3O5 (LBO) single crystal
LiCl•H2Ofestive trees
Lu3Al5O12 (0.15%Ce)Cerium doped LuAG
Lu3Al5O12 (0.15%Ce)Cerium doped LuAG
Na12(H2O)27[AlSiO4]12zeolite LTA
NH4MgPO4.6H2OStruvite Crystal
NH4MgPO4.6H2OStruvite Crystal
Sr5Pb3ZnO12Novel solid-state oxide Sr5Pb3ZnO12
TiO2Rutile microtubes
Zn4O(btb)4/3(bdc)1/2(bpdc)1/2Crystalline perfection