Examples of artificially grown crystals

zeolite LTA 

Na12(H2O)27[AlSiO4]12 – an open framework silicate obtained from hydrothermal synthesis at ~90ºC. Sodium and water fill the huge channels and can diffuse easily
[Contributed by Miguel Gregorkiewitz on 31 Oct 2013]          

Crystal details

Compound name zeolite LTA
Formula Na12(H2O)27[AlSiO4]12
Dimensions 5x5x5 micrometer
Colour colourless
Keywords inorg; oxide

Growth conditions

Technique hydrothermal synthesis
Temperature 370 K
Growth rate
Doping procedure
Keywords sol


Application(s) zeolite LTA is used massively as water softener in modern washing powders (up to 30% by mass. Here we were interested in permselective membranes for chemical separation processes
Link(s) http://www.iza-online.org/synthesis/
Other remarks

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