Examples of artificially grown crystals

lithium triborate 

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Crystal details

Compound name lithium triborate
Formula LiB3O5
Dimensions 155x132x81
Mass 1410g
Colour transparent
Keywords oxide

Growth conditions

Technique Flux method
Temperature slowcooling 740-690°C
Pressure ambient pressure
Growth rate
Solvent -
Doping procedure -


Application(s) Over the last few years LBO crystal has become the material of choice for high power laser applications from the UV to near IR. LBO is now the most popularly used material for Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) of 1064nm high power lasers and Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) of 1064nm laser source to achieve UV light at 355nm.
Link(s) A.Kokh, N.Kononova, G.Mennerat, Ph.Villeval, S.Durst, D.Lupinski, V.Vlesko, K.Kokh,. "Growth of high quality large size LBO crystal for high energy second harmonic generation"
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