Examples of artificially grown crystals

Crystal of Tutton's salt family 

Crystal of Tutton's salt family with chemical formula (NH4)2NixCo(1-X)(SO4)2 6H2O containing 60% cobalto.
[Contributed by Michelle de Oliveira on 30 Apr 2014]          

Crystal details

Compound name Crystal of Tutton's salt family
Formula (NH4)2NixCo(1-X)(SO4)2 6H2O
Dimensions (0,5 x 0,7 x0,3 cm)
Mass 0,23g
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Growth conditions

Technique solution method ( isothermaL evaporation)
Temperature 313K
Growth rate
Doping procedure
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Application(s) The crystals of Tutton's salt family has been investigated in order to understand their physical and chemical properties as well as their potential technological applications. Crystals of this family containing zinc are used in the manufacture of electrodes for solid-state batteries.
Link(s) http://www.seic.ufop.br/anais/exibir_trabalho/1049
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