Examples of artificially grown crystals

Dysprosium Titanate 

A crystal of Dysprosium Titanate grown in an optical floating zone furnace. The characteristics of the material were not deviated through the entire growth. The colour of the crystal is an example of the colour centre problem.
[Contributed by Timothy Munsie on 31 Oct 2013]          

Crystal details

Compound name Dysprosium Titanate
Formula Dy2Ti2O7
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 95 mm
Colour transparent to dark brown
Keywords oxide

Growth conditions

Technique Optical Floating Zone
Pressure 2 bar
Growth rate
Doping procedure
Keywords melt


Application(s) SQUID Magnetometry Heat Capacity Measurements Neutron Scattering Muon Spin Rotation
Other remarks

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