Examples of artificially grown crystals


These emerald crystals were grown from lithium molybdate melt. Emerald is a cyclosilicate having the composition Al2Be3[Si6O18]:Cr where doping with chromium is responsible for the green colour.
[Contributed by Miguel Gregorkiewitz on 30 Oct 2013]          

Crystal details

Compound name emerald
Formula Al2Be3[Si6O18]:Cr
Dimensions 1x1x2 mm
Colour green
Keywords inorg; oxide

Growth conditions

Technique crystallization from solution in salt melt
Temperature 1080 K
Growth rate
Solvent addition of Cr3+
Doping procedure addition of Cr3+
Keywords sol


Application(s) emerald crystals in gem quality can also be obtained from hydrothermal growth
Other remarks

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