Examples of artificially grown crystals

chromium and potassium alum 

Chromium potassium sulfate covered by aluminium potassium sulfate
[Contributed by Evgeniy Losev on 11 Feb 2014]          

Crystal details

Compound name chromium and potassium alum
Formula KCr(SO4)2*12H2O; KAl(SO4)2*12H2O
Dimensions 18*13*12 mm
Mass 1.8 g
Colour purple (core), transparent (cover)
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Growth conditions

Technique isothermal slow evaporation
Temperature RT (298K)
Growth rate
Doping procedure
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Application(s) The crystal was grown for educational purposes in order to show the possibility of coating of one substance by another one, having isomorphic structure, in form of regular layer.
Other remarks The results of the work were shown at ECM28 in poster session. Ref.: Losev E. A., Rychkov D. A., Ivanenko A. I., Boldyreva E. V. The experience of teaching solid state chemistry in a secondary school. Example 1 – Isomorphism of alums. 28 European Crystallographic Meeting. Warwick, UK, August 25-129, 2013, P. s665

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