Examples of artificially grown crystals


MnIn2-2xGaxSe crystal with composition x = 0.5
[Contributed by Giovanni Attolini on 03 Dec 2013]          

Crystal details

Compound name Manganeseindiumgalliumselenide
Formula MnInGaSe
Dimensions 20-30 mm3
Mass 10 mg approx.
Colour dark
Keywords inorg; semi

Growth conditions

Technique chemical vapour transport (CVT)
Temperature 850/750°C
Pressure 1 bar
Growth rate
Solvent no
Doping procedure no
Keywords vapour


Application(s) These crystals are of the diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS)family. They are of great interest because they show both magnetic and semiconductor behavior.
Link(s) V.SAGREDO, G.E.DELGADO, E.TER HAAR , G.ATTOLINI, Crystal Growth and Characterization of MnIn2-2x Ga2x Se4. J. of Crystal Growth 275 (2005) 521
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