Examples of artificially grown crystals

Ni-doped forsterite 

Optical image for single crystals of Ni-doped forsterite
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Crystal details

Compound name Ni-doped forsterite
Formula (Ni,Mg)2SiO4
Mass green
Colour flux crystal growth, doping, silicate
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Growth conditions

Technique flux crystal growth
Temperature 1623 K
Growth rate
Solvent NiO
Doping procedure NiO
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Application(s) Forsterite crystals, owing to their good properties, e. g. refractoriness (melting point 1890 °C), low dielectric permittivity, low thermal expansion, and chemical stability, are ideal substrates in electronics and optimal materials for thermal insulation in applications at high temperatures. The synthesis and characterization of forsterite doped with transition metal ions has also been an important subject in recent years since potential use have been found in laser optics.
Link(s) http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/crat.200800604/abstract; https://getinfo.de/app/Flux-growth-and-characterization-of-Ti-and-Ni-doped/id/BLSE%3ARN249776346
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