Examples of artificially grown crystals

cadmium indium sulfide 

The crystals showed macroscopically mica-like layered aspect with clear hexagonal appearance in the plane structure
[Contributed by Giovanni Attolini on 20 Mar 2014]          

Crystal details

Compound name cadmium indium sulfide
Formula CdIn2S4
Dimensions 20 x 30 mm
Mass 10 mg
Colour yellow
Keywords inorg; semi

Growth conditions

Technique Chemical vapour transport (CVT)
Temperature T source (983-1063K), Tdeposition (973k)
Pressure 2-3 bar
Growth rate
Solvent no
Doping procedure no
Keywords vapour


Application(s) This compound belongs to the multinary layered family. These layered phases are characterized by the alternation of anion and cation planes along the c-axis, connected by tetra- or octahedral cation-anion bonds.
Link(s) C.RAZZETTI,G.ATTOLINI,S.BINI,P.P.LOTTICI, Synthesis and characterization of the layered compounds in the ZnIn2S4-ZnIn2Se4 system. Phisica Status Solidi(b)vol.172(1992)525.
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