Examples of artificially grown crystals


Crystal formation of solution-processed TIPS Pentacene semiconductor blend as part of organic transistor structure
[Contributed by Sheida Faraji on 28 Feb 2014]          

Crystal details

Compound name TIPS-Pentacene
Formula C44H54Si2
Dimensions --
Mass --
Colour Solution is indigo blue -- crystals are of a rainbow colours
Keywords semi; nano; film

Growth conditions

Technique Spin-coated
Temperature 333K
Pressure N/A
Growth rate
Solvent N/A
Doping procedure N/A
Keywords sol


Application(s) The aim was to capture image of crystals grew in the channel between the source and drain contacts (contacts can be observed at the bottom of the image). However, the bigger image revealed an spectacular piece of art created by crystals of different colours, shapes and orientations.
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