Artificially grown crystals

Listed by name 

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3-chloro-3-methyl-r(2),c(6)-diphenylpiperidin-4-one C18H18ClNO
A piece of artC44H54Si2
AgHalide with DefectsAgBr0.9I0.1
AlumKCr(SO4)2*12H2O; KAl(SO4)2*12H2O
Aluminum TungstateAl2(WO4)3
Bismuth Titanium OxideBi12TiO20
Bismuth Zinc BorateBi2ZnB2O7
BPTI "Artichoke"
Calcium Oxalate CrystalCaC2O4.H2O
CdFeInS crystalsCd0.5Fe0.5In2S4
CdS reyCdS
CdSSe reycdsxse1-x
Cerium doped LuAGLu3Al5O12 (0.15%Ce)
Cerium doped LuAGLu3Al5O12 (0.15%Ce)
Cholesterol crystalC27H45OH
Cholesterol CrystalsC27H45OH
Co-crystal of glycine with glutaric acidC2 H5 N O2, C5 H8 O4
co-crystals of l-ascorbic acid with l-serine under under polarized lightC6H8O6*C3H7NO3
Cobalt NiobateCoNb2O6
Colorfull crystals
Cristal Mimi(NH4)2NixCo(1-X)(SO4)2.6H2O
Crystal of Tutton salt familyK2Ni(SO4)2.6H2O (KNSH)
Crystallin candies helixC20H28N2S6
Crystalline christmas treeC22H16N3S16CuCl
Crystalline perfectionZn4O(btb)4/3(bdc)1/2(bpdc)1/2
Crystals of Serotonin Adipate in Polarized lightC16H22N2O5
Curcumin from Turmeric
dysprosium scandateDyScO3
Dysprosium TitanateDy2Ti2O7
Er3Rh4Sn13 Single CrystalEr3Rh4Sn13
festive treesLiCl•H2O
LiB3O5 (LBO) single crystalLiB3O5
lithium aluminum oxideLiAlO2
Mimi(NH4)2NixCo(1-X)(SO4)2 6H2O
Mn-doped enstatite(Mn,Mg)2Si2O6
Nanostructured SteelFe-3.3C-3.1Si-1.9Mn-1.52Cr-0.16Mo-0.1V-0.005P-0.005S (At.%)
Ni-doped Forsterite(Ni,Mg)2SiO4
Novel solid-state oxide Sr5Pb3ZnO12Sr5Pb3ZnO12
Painting crystalsKH2PO4
Rare Earth Aluminate (La0.8Pr0.2AlO3)La0.8Pr0.2AlO3
Rutile microtubesTiO2
Single, Mixed and Codoped Optical Fluoride MonocrystalsCaF2 & CaSrF2
Struvite CrystalNH4MgPO4.6H2O
Struvite CrystalNH4MgPO4.6H2O
The ConferenceCH4N2O
Trimesic Acid and Isophthalic AcidC6H3(COOH)3 and C6H4(COOH)2
zeolite LTANa12(H2O)27[AlSiO4]12