Examples of artificially grown crystals

Cobalt Niobate 

This crystal was grown via the optical floating zone method. two sides consisted of perfectly flat facets, with a spiral-like structure on the other two faces. The tip is a polycrystal resulting from the termination of the floating zone and cooling.
[Contributed by Timothy Munsie on 28 Oct 2013]          

Crystal details

Compound name Cobalt Niobate
Formula CoNb2O6
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 95 mm
Colour Black-blue
Keywords oxide

Growth conditions

Technique Optical Floating Zone
Pressure 2 bar
Growth rate
Doping procedure
Keywords melt


Application(s) SQUID magnetometry Heat Capacity and Electron Transport measurements Muon Spin Rotation, Relaxation and Resonance Neutron Scattering Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Link(s) http://digitalcommons.mcmaster.ca/opendissertations/7578/
Other remarks Grown by Tim Munsie, Alison Kinross and Dr. Hanna Dabkowska at the Brockhouse Institute for Material Research, McMaster University

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