Examples of artificially grown crystals


Cd1-xFexIn2S4 single crystals with x = 0.5
[Contributed by Giovanni Attolini on 22 Jan 2014]          

Crystal details

Compound name Cadmiumironindiumsulphide
Formula Cd0.5Fe0.5In2S4
Dimensions 6 x 7 x 5 mm approx.
Mass 0.1 g approx.
Colour dark orange
Keywords inorg; semi; bulk

Growth conditions

Technique chemical vapor deposition
Temperature Tsource 1123, T dep. 1074 K
Pressure 2 bar
Growth rate
Solvent no
Doping procedure no
Keywords vapour


Application(s) This compound belongs to the family of diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS. They show very attractive structural, optical and magnetic properties, because the substitution of cations by magnetic ions could produce promising semimagnetic semiconductors
Link(s) G.Attolini et al. Cryst. Res. Technol.,46 No. 8, 761-764 (2011)
Other remarks

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