Examples of artificially grown crystals

Cadmium Sulphide 

as-grown crystal of cadmium sulphide
[Contributed by Giovanni Attolini on 16 Nov 2013]          

Crystal details

Compound name Cadmium Sulphide
Formula CdS
Dimensions DIA 10x20 mm
Mass approx. 5 g
Colour yellow and dark yellow
Keywords inorg; semi

Growth conditions

Technique Chemica Vapour Transport with H2
Temperature 1323 K
Pressure 0.12 bar
Growth rate
Solvent no
Doping procedure no
Keywords vapour


Application(s) To demonstrate the possibility to use hydrogen as a transport agent to growth large crystals of CdS.
Link(s) G.Attolini et al. J. of Cryst. Growth 56(1982) 254-258
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