Examples of artificially grown crystals

Co-crystal of glycine with glutaric acid 

For more details, please, see E.A.Losev, B.A.Zakharov, T.N.Drebushchak, E.V.Boldyreva, Acta Crystallogr.,Sect.C:Cryst.Struct.Commun. (2011), 67, o297
[Contributed by Evgeniy Losev on 11 Sep 2013]          

Crystal details

Compound name Co-crystal of glycine with glutaric acid
Formula C2 H5 N O2, C5 H8 O4
Dimensions 7 * 3 * 0.7 mm
Mass 7.2 mg
Colour Transparent

Growth conditions

Technique Slow evaporation
Temperature RT (298K)
Growth rate
Doping procedure
Keywords sol


Application(s) The compound doesn't has any applycation at present moment. There are some publications on investigation of electrical, optical and thermal properties of the crystal. It is also an interesting example of glycinium co-crystal in which glycine exists as zwitterion
Other remarks

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