Examples of artificially grown crystals

lithium chloride monohydrate 

dendritic growth of LiCl•H2O from aqueous solution - shearing interference microscope image
[Contributed by Leonard J. Soltzberg on 14 Dec 2013]          

Crystal details

Compound name lithium chloride monohydrate
Formula LiCl•H2O
Dimensions long dimension of photo = 0.4mm
Colour colorless - interference optics produce the color
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Growth conditions

Technique shearing interference microscopy
Temperature rapid cooling 328 to 293 K
Growth rate
Doping procedure
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Application(s) We used this system, among others, in studying crystal morphology and dendritic crystallization.
Link(s) Acta Cryst (1992) A48, 457-461. (LiCl•H2O)
Other remarks

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