Examples of artificially grown crystals

lithium aluminum oxide, "lithium aluminate" 

LAO X-tal
For details see B. Veličkov, A. Mogilatenko, R. Bertram, D. Klimm, R. Uecker, W. Neumann, R. Fornari, J. Crystal Growth 310 (2008) 214-220. The crystal was grown and the picture was taken by M. Br� IKZ Berlin.
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Crystal details

Compound name lithium aluminum oxide, "lithium aluminate"
Formula LiAlO2
Dimensions 2" diameter, ca. 80 mm length
Mass ca. 400 g
Colour colorless

Growth conditions

Technique Czochralski
Temperature 2000 K
Pressure 1 bar
Growth rate
Solvent undoped
Doping procedure undoped


Application(s) The crystal is tetragonal and wafers (100), (001), (111) are used as substrates for nitride (especially GaN) epitaxial layers. After epitaxy, the LiAlO2 substrate can easily be removed by etching e.g. in diluted HCl.
Other remarks

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