Examples of artificially grown crystals

l-serine–l-ascorbic acid co-crystal 

[Contributed by Sergey Arkhipov on 03 Jul 2014]          

Crystal details

Compound name l-serine–l-ascorbic acid co-crystal
Formula C6H8O6*C3H7NO3
Dimensions up to 2.5 mm in largesyt direction using our approach to crystallization
Colour transparent
Keywords bulk; biogen

Growth conditions

Technique crystallization from 200 ml drops on the surface of a microscope slide, modified with Parafil
Temperature 298 K
Growth rate
Doping procedure
Keywords sol


Application(s) These co-crystals were used as a model object for testing some modifications to traditional techniques of slow evaporation. These approaches can be used for the crystallization and facilitate the procedure of sample preparation other small organic compounds.
Link(s) Rychkov, D. A., Arkhipov, S. G., & Boldyreva, E. V. (2014). J. Appl. Crystallogr. 47
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