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Adamson, Jasper

22/05Confining water – the structure of HHTP tetrahydrateHHTP tetrahydrate
29/09Negative Compression! Silver(I) tricyanomethanideSilver(I) tricyanomethanide

Archbold, Julia

02/01HLA Molecules – How the body detects infected cellsHuman leukocyte antigen (HLA-A2)
07/01The Fight or Flight ReceptorG-protein–coupled receptors
13/01Impressive InsulinInsulin
16/01Kick-starting AdrenalineAdrenaline
27/01Fighting the Flu – The structure of NeuraminidaseNeuraminidase
19/02Breaking down the drink – Alcohol DehydrogenaseAlcohol dehydrogenase
10/03Feeling Stressed? Understanding Anxiety and DepressionCorticotropin releasing factor
01/04Cold as Ice… with 'Maxi' sacrificeAntifreeze protein Maxi
18/06P-glycoprotein: It's as simple as ABCP-glycoprotein
21/06How Sweet! The structure of the Glucose Transporter 1Glucose transporter 1
26/06'Roll out the Barrel': Structure of the LptD-LptE translocon complex from bacteriaLptD-LptE translocon complex
03/07'Let's talk about Sex' hormones – Part 1: The Oestrogen ReceptorOestrogen
04/07'Let's talk about Sex' hormones – Part 2: The Androgen Receptor and TestosteroneTestosterone
23/07Ion Channels and Chronic Pain – Structure of the Voltage-Gated Sodium ChannelVoltage-gated sodium channel
24/07Cone snail toxins as painkillers – The structure of an alpha-conopeptideAlpha-conotoxin (PnIB)
01/08The Good and Bad of Prions: Proteins that cause Mad Cow diseasePrion proteins
16/09Cop this! The protein 'cop' (Cop9) with multiple tasksHuman signalosome complex
03/12Munc18: No Munc-eying around with our molecular transport machinery!Munc18

Auckett, Josie

07/05Square planar ferrites: sneaking up on unlikely atomic geometriesSrFeO2
01/07This month introduces us to the most iconic of red gems: Ruby, the birthstone of JulyRuby
07/07Ordering matters: Not all brownmillerites are created equalBrownmillerite super structure (Sr2Fe2O5)

Batten, Stuart

13/08Crystals by Design – Copper Tetracyanotetraphenylmethane TetrafluoroborateCopper tetracyanotetraphenylmethane tetrafluoroborate
21/08Five fold - Cobalt tricyanomethanideCobalt tricyanomethanide
26/08Nanoballs - synthesis for the lazyNanoballs
29/08What’s in a name? The Octapi CatenaneOctapi catenane
02/09Cadmium tricyanomethanide tetramethoxyborate (try saying that three times!)Cadmium tricyanomethanide tetramethoxyborate
25/09Iron trans-4,4'-azopyridine thiocyanate – Letting things down…Iron trans-4,4'-azopyridine thiocyanate
30/09Interdigitation, Interpenetration, IntercalationLayered cuprous tricyanomethanide derivatives
08/10Dedication in the face of adversity – Cadmium CyanideCadmium cyanide
29/1254 nets and nothing fishy54-Fold interpenetrated coordination polymer

Bevitt, Joseph

21/02A strange and dangerous glow – White phosphorusPhosphorus
27/02Plastic fantastic – polyethylenePolyethylene

Binns, Jack

17/02Seeing Double – CalciteCalcite
04/03Rigidity in carbon and hydrogen – AdamantaneAdamantane

Brand, Helen

10/01The structures behind birthstones – January GarnetsGarnet
01/02February's Birthstone – AmethystAmethyst
28/02A structure determined by Linus Pauling – HematiteHematite
03/03March's Birthstone – AquamarineAquamarine
08/04April Birthstone: Unlucky for some … DiamondDiamond
10/04Hero and a villain – JarositeJarosite
08/05Mirabilite: 'The Miracle Salt'Mirabilite
23/05May's Birthstone: Could you actually build an Emerald city?Emerald
27/06June birthstone – PearlPearl
30/07An Earth and Mars mineral – Meridianiite MgSO4.11H2OMeridianiite
22/08August Birthstone: PeridotPeridot
11/09September's birthstone: your choice, Sapphire or Lapis LazuliLapis lazuli
10/10October birthstone: Opal. When is a crystal not quite a crystal?Opal
05/11Remember, Remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot…Niter
26/11November's birthstone – Orange TopazTopaz
01/12A Structure for Summer – Methylammonium Lead HalidesMethylammonium Lead Halides
09/12The final birthstone of the year: TourmalineTourmaline

Brant, William

22/01The first perovskite – Calcium TitanateCalcium titanate
11/02Super Fast Ions – Solid Ion Conductor Lithium Lanthanum TitanateLithium lanthanum titanate
09/04LixCoO2 – The Breakout Battery HitLithium cobalt oxide
29/04LiFePO4 – The Unexpected Battery Success StoryLithium iron phosphate
28/05Selenite – Crystal CathedralsSelenite
08/07What’s in a name? – BridgmaniteBridgmanite
04/09Growing crystals for your PhD – The trials and tribulations Part 1Sr0.8Ti0.6Nb0.4O3
05/09Growing crystals for your PhD – The trials and tribulations Part 2Sr3TiNb4O15
24/09The world’s most underappreciated gemstone – Red SpinelSpinel
28/11Surreal Microscopic Environments – Negative CrystalsNegative crystals

Brouwer, Jason

31/10Bak: The Face of DeathBak

Callori, Sara

25/01Buckminsterfullerene a.k.a. Buckyballs a.k.a. C60Buckminsterfullerene
13/02Superconductivity Heats Up: Yttrium Barium Copper OxideYttrium barium copper oxide
05/03Organize your oxygen with brownmillerite, SrCoO2.5Brownmillerite (SrCoO2.5)
05/05It's a bird…it's a plane…it's a superstructure!PbTiO3/SrTiO3 superlattice
14/05Putnisite: Brand New and Completely UniquePutnisite
25/06Bi George, it's bismuth!Bismuth
11/08Let’s Get Popping! – Ruddlesden-Popper StructuresRuddlesden-Popper structures
22/10Trademark this mineral!Chalcopyrite
27/11Your crystallographic Thanksgiving – Tryptophan!Tryptophan

Chevreau, Hubert

14/01Quartz: Dear Indi – Let me in next time!!!Quartz
21/01The 'desert rose' crystalGypsum
24/05Same … but different. The structure of alpha-cristobaliteα-Cristobalite
25/05Same … but different. The structure of beta-cristobaliteβ-Cristobalite
26/05MIL-143 or the big-brother (ir)regular beta-cristobaliteMIL 143
12/12The MOFIA and the boss of the crown family: the UiO-66UiO-66

Christian, James

29/01Certainly not a typical material – the structure of Gadolinium TitanatesGadolinium titanate

Clegg, Jack

20/08Perfect for the cold and 'flu season: Eucalyptus OilEucalyptol
01/09Cheap, Safe and Legal: Caffeine, The Socially Acceptable Psychoactive DrugCaffeine
21/10When is a knot not a knot? When it's a Ravel!Universal 3-Ravel

Collins, Brett

09/01Biology on the edge – Adaptor Protein complex 2AP2 complex
01/03Cutting up the genes – the structure of a spliceosomeSpliceosome
03/04The machine of life – the structure of the RibosomeRibosome

Coudert, F. X.

15/08The beauty within – Zinc cyanideZinc cyanide
02/10A big family of MOFs – Zeolitic imidazolate frameworksZIF-8

Curry, Stephen

12/08Chymotrypsin — the first protease structureChymotrypsin

Duyker, Sam

03/01The structure of empty space – HKUST 1HKUST-1
12/02Not another ice structure… MethamphetamineMethamphetamine
14/03Keggin your pardon, ma'm – the structure of a heteropoly acidHeteropoly acid
16/04X is for xenotimeXenotime
23/06Porosity on your Plate – An Edible Metal-Organic FrameworkCyclodextrin-based MOF
31/07It Breathes but isn’t Alive – MIL-53, a Flexible FrameworkMIL-53
16/12Han purple – colour of the terracotta warriorsHan purple
30/12Shrinking in the heat – lanthanoid hexacyanidocobaltates, a.k.a. LnCo(CN)6Lanthanoid hexacyanidocobaltates

Edwards, Alison

10/05J. D. Bernal and the structure of waterWater
12/05Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and the structure of Vitamin B12Vitamin B12
06/06Penicillin – D-DayPenicillin
06/08The Chinese puzzle moleculeChinese puzzle molecule

Goossens, Darren

04/08Triglycine Sulphate: Ferroelectic, Pyroelectric, BolometricTriglycine sulphate
15/10Local Order Hidden Inside the Average Order in PZNPZN

Hagan, Mackenzie

23/01WOOO, Tungsten(VI) Oxide!Tungsten (VI) oxide

Hawkins, Paige

31/01Spinning around with Spinels – Lithium titanateLithium titanate

Helliwell, John

12/03Colour me beautiful – CarotenoidsCarotenoids
13/10Celebrating Laue – comprehensive protein structuresConcanavalin A
19/11Crystallising enzymes from beans – celebrating SumnerJack bean urease
25/12Why does a lobster change colour on cooking?Apocrustacyanin

Hester, James

26/02Purple standards – Lanthanum hexaborideLanthanum hexaboride
30/05Crystals you can grow at home – Nickel Sulphate HexahydrateNickel sulfate hexahydrate

Holmes, Jessica

29/07A diamond net of molecular tetrahedraMolecular tetrahedra

Le Brun, Anton

11/03A Protein Swiss Army KnifeOuter membrane protein A (OmpA)
15/05Pass the Electron – The First Membrane Protein Structure Shows How Purple Bacteria Get Energy from LightRhodopseudomonas viridis photosynthetic reaction centre
27/05A protein structure that is a β-barrel of laughsOuter membrane protein F
17/06The Start of Digestion: Salivary α-Amylaseα-Amylase
20/06A Crystal Structure for the Perfect Steak: PapainPapain
28/07A Crystal Structure for Stopping Germ WarfareAnthrax protective antigen
18/08A Crystal Structure That Was Only Possible With the Help of an Ebola SurvivorEbola glycoprotein
25/08Possibly the Deadliest Crystal Structure Known: RicinRicin
23/09From Toxin to Technology: α-Haemolysinα-Haemolysin
14/11Whoop whoop: pertussis toxinPertussis toxin
24/11DNA Polymerase in Celebration of Evolution DayDNA polymerase
02/12I'm pretty, but don't touch me as I'm deadlyBatrachotoxin A
20/12Factor IX: Christmas FactorChristmas factor

Leung, Anna

27/12Pasteurized Crystals – Tartaric acidTartaric acid

Ling, Chris

15/01Conducting heat with a very complicated structureδ-Bi2O3-Nb2O5

Macreadie, Lauren

28/12Decorative, but a little deadly – TorberniteTartaric acid

Maynard-Casely, Helen

01/01The structure that started it all – Rock saltRock Salt
04/01A material for another world – Sulfuric Acid HexahydrateSulfuric acid hexahydrate
06/01Snow joke – January’s Ice structure, Ice IhIce Ih
12/01Sweet crystallography – the crystal structure of sucroseSucrose
17/01GOLD! The crystal structure of successGold
18/01Fire ice – the structure of methane hydrate IMethane hydrate I
19/01Graphite – the makings of the future?Graphite
20/01A mineral that came down to Earth – pyroxferroitePyroxferroite
26/01A mineral for Australia day – BruciteBrucite
28/01Kathleen Lonsdale and her mineralLonsdaleite
05/02An Element of surprise – The crystal structure of PoloniumPolonium
06/02A crystal for after a shower – TalcTalc
07/02A headache of a crystal structure – AspirinAspirin
08/02Stranger than fiction – Ice IXIce IX
09/02You can see through it – MuscoviteMuscovite
10/02Less than mellow yellow – the structure of picric acidPicric acid
15/02Danger danger! A high-pressure explosive – γ RDXRDX
16/02Fool’s gold – the structure of PyritePyrite
20/02How old? – The crystal structure of ZirconZircon
22/02The chemical bond is stronger than we could have imaginedHydrogen
23/02The beginning of the end for PolioPolio virus
02/03Square snowflakes – the structure of Ice VIIce VI
06/03The sour in the sweet – citric acidCitric acid
07/03Classical crystal structures – sphaleriteSphalerite
08/03Classical crystal structures – WurtziteWurtzite
09/03Classical crystal structures – Caesium chlorideCaesium chloride
13/03It is sitting in your stomach – Hydrochloric acidHydrochloric acid
16/03Making a drug work smarter – Acemetacin co-crystalsAcemetacin co-crystals
17/03Happy St Patrick's day – something to help you with the snakes?Clerodane diterpenoid
18/03It’s in the walls – AliteAlite
19/03The crystal structure rainbow – Red OxygenOxygen
20/03The crystal structure rainbow – Orange crocoiteCrocoite
22/03The crystal structure rainbow – Green fluorescent proteinGreen fluorescent protein
25/03The crystal structure rainbow – Indigo in your batteries?Indigo carmine
26/03The crystal structure rainbow – Imperial violetTyrian purple
27/03A celebration of X-rays – RoentgeniumRoentgenium
29/03A very rare gem – UvaroviteUvarovite
30/03The crystal structure rainbow – Glowing in UV, AndersoniteAndersonite
31/03Celebrating one of the founders of the field – the crystal structure of BraggiteBraggite
05/04Deadly crystal structures – ChrysotileChrysotile
06/04Deadly crystal structures – ArsenopyriteArsenopyrite
07/04Kalgoorlie where the streets are paved with gold – CalaveriteCalaverite
12/04Cubic ice – does it exist or not?Ice Ic
13/04Hearing radio waves with galenaGalena
18/04What is our planet made out of? (1) FeldsparFeldspar
19/04What is our planet made out of? (2) OlivineOlivine
20/04What is our planet made out of? (3) WadsleyiteWadsleyite
21/04What is our planet made out of? (4) RingwooditeRingwoodite
22/04What is our planet made out of? (5) Silicate perovskiteSilicate perovskite
23/04What is our planet made out of? (6) MagnesiowüstiteMagnesiowüstite
24/04What is our planet made out of? (7) Silicate Post-perovskiteSilicate post-perovskite
25/04What is our planet made out of? (8) Hcp IronIron (hcp)
26/04Bath salts on the moons of JupiterEpsomite
27/04A small molecule that has saved a lot of lives – phenolPhenol
30/04Another strange element – β UraniumUranium (beta)
01/05Something to mull on – MulliteMullite
03/05From crystallography, to running the countryGramicidin S
04/05SmCo magnets – May the 4th be with youSamarium cobalt magnets
11/05Methane under pressure – the structure of Methane AMethane A
17/05A peppery crystal structure – PiperinePiperine
18/05This is rocket science – ammonium perchlorateAmmonium perchlorate
31/05An elusive polymorph of ParacetamolParacetamol
01/06A specially named perovskite, MegawiteMegawite
03/06A play on colours – LabradoriteLabradorite
04/06The two-coloured rock – IoliteIolite
07/06Ice III in GanymedeIce III
08/06Not for the intolerant – LactoseLactose monohydrate
10/06Important for this time of year – Vitamin CVitamin C
11/06Lacking in iron? – Iron (II) sulfate heptahydrateIron (II) sulfate heptahydrate
12/06Vinegar – acetic acidAcetic acid
13/06Sodium acetateSodium acetate
14/06The chocolate you don’t want – cocoa butter form VICocoa butter (phase VI)
15/06Molecular cotton candy – Ethyl MaltolEthyl maltol
19/06A crystal structure you eat with! HydroxylapatiteHydroxylapatite
22/06Sounds edible, but isn't - TobermoriteTobermorite
28/06An extra-terrestrial hydrocarbon – EthaneEthane
29/06A ring of progress – BenzeneBenzene
02/07A mineral of history – FluoriteFluorite
05/07An exclusive mineral – BowieiteBowieite
06/07A formerly very exclusive mineral – PainitePainite
09/07What is the Rutile structure?Rutile
10/07Common structure, but rare material – Iridium OxideIridium Oxide
11/07A mineral often mistaken for a fossil – cryptomelaneCryptomelane
12/07A world cup inspired post – GermaniteGermanite
13/07A world cup inspired post – ArgentiteArgentite
16/07A material that could help keep your heart going – lead zirconium titanateLead Zirconium Titanate
17/07Time to scrub things up – Stearic acidStearic acid
18/07Molybdenum – the building block of nuclear medicineMolybdenum
19/07Ice X – The extreme form of iceIce X
20/07A smashing crystal structure – Nickel sulfideNickel sulfide
22/07An aromatic mineral – CarpathiteCarpathite
26/07A molecule from trees – QuinineQuinine
27/07Adapting a plant-based molecule – eugenyl acetateEugenyl acetate
02/08A bit of a mouthful – hexamethylenetetramineHexamethylenetetramine
03/08Sweet as – GlucoseGlucose
05/08A mineral from interplanetary dustBrownleeite
07/08Crystals of temperature and electricity – Pyroelectric lithium niobateLithium niobate
08/08Raw mineral of a legend – GoethiteGoethite
09/08Feeding the world – AmmoniaAmmonia
10/08Superhard and superstrong – cubic Boron NitrideBoron nitride
14/08Not going anywhere – low expansion alloysINVAR
16/08Bright spark – Magnesium OxideMagnesium oxide
17/08To the ends of the earth and beyond – the search for 'impossible' quasicrystalsQuasicrystals
23/08A surprisingly important structure - DiopsideDiopside
24/08Powering Voyager - SiGe alloysSiGe alloys
30/08Ice, but in a better state of order - Ice IIIce II
31/08Bonattite - blue copper sulfate, but a lot rarerBonattite
03/09Damaging buildings from within - EttringiteEttringite
06/09A powering mineral – UraniniteUraninite (pitchblende)
07/09A more complicated powering mineral – AutuniteAutunite
08/09A big water cage, sH clathrate hydrateMethane Hydrate II (sH)
09/09Ekanite – a mineral that will amorphise itselfEkanite
12/09Where does all the lithium come from? – LepidoliteLepidolite
13/09You can do a lot with two elements – NitinolNitinol
14/09A mineral from Iceland – HeklaiteHeklaite
17/09Biominerals #1 – MagnetiteMagnetite
18/09Biominerals #2 – Weddellite (in Antarctica and in you!)Weddellite
19/09Biominerals #3 – Francolite, a mineral in fossilized Dinosaur bonesFrancolite
20/09Biominerals #4 – The wonderful world of silicaMoganite
21/09Biominerals #5 - Which way is up?Barite
27/09Sodium hydride, simple yet historicSodium hydride
28/09Chasing complex molecules in the stars – looking for L-SerineL-Serine
01/10Impossible chemistry: making the unreactive reactXenon-water compound
03/10Enhancing flavour, molecule by molecule: MSGMonosodium L-glutamate
04/10All of the symmetry – Cm: GerstleyiteGerstleyite
05/10All of the symmetry – P42cm: [(CH3)4N][Cu2(NCS)3][(CH3)4N][Cu2(NCS)3]
06/10All of the symmetry - P-3c1: Fluocerite-(La)Fluocerite-(La)
07/10All of the symmetry – Pm-3: Sr3C60Sr3C60
09/10Absorbing and beautiful, zinc nitrateZinc nitrate
11/10Celebrating Laue – complex structures very quickly!Rh2(PNP)2(PNP)2(BPh4)2
12/10Celebrating Laue – very tiny crystalsCerussite
18/10Finding hydrogen – where does it sit in fcc Iron hydrideIron hydride (fcc)
19/10What's in silly putty? – BoraxBorax
20/10Getting your cakes to rise – bicarbonate of sodaSodium bicarbonate
23/10Goosecreekite – The most unusual mineral name?Goosecreekite
25/10A long chain crystal – Silver behenateSilver behenate
26/10Simple Sunday – Magnesium ChlorideMagnesium chloride
28/10Boron – an element to watch for the futureBoron (α)
29/10Boron and carbon – better together?Willemite
30/10Glowing green – WillemiteBoron carbide
01/11Brimstone (sulfur)Sulfur (S8)
02/11The sour taste – Malic acidMalic acid
03/11Collect enough minerals and someone will name one after you! – GibbsiteGibbsite
07/11Madam Curie – one of her elements: CuriumCurium
08/11It takes two – VateriteVaterite
09/11Fancy a wrestle? – KaoliniteKaolinite
11/11Common beauty – MalachiteMalachite
12/11A mineral imposter – pseudomalachitePseudomalachite
13/11Growing new flowers in the chemical garden – cobalt chlorideCobalt chloride
15/11The most recently discovered ice structure – Ice XVIce XV
16/11A super cool material – the crystal structure of KryptonKrypton
17/11What are comets made out of? One potential ingredient: MeliliteMelilite
18/11What was Philae looking for on 67P? L-Glutamic acidL-Glutamic acid
21/11An explosive discovery – Einsteinium sesquioxideEinsteinium sesquioxide
22/11Sign of an impact – StishoviteStishovite
23/11A failed campaign – alpha and beta tinTin (alpha and beta)
25/11Alpha plutonium – a rebel elementPlutonium (alpha phase)
29/11Saturating your food – Palmitic acidPalmitic acid
30/11A crystal sandwich – VermiculiteVermiculite
04/12Beautifully holding buildings together – Tricalcium aluminateTricalcium aluminate
06/12Stuffing in the hydrogen – Lithium Boro-hydrideLithium boro-hydride
07/12A greenstone – JadeiteJadeite
08/12Mineral in pink – SpherocobaltiteSpherocobaltite
10/12An accidental molecule – ferroceneFerrocene
11/12An impossible molecule – HexaferrocenylbenzeneHexaferrocenylbenzene
13/12Now you've seen everything – superconductive concreteDodecacalcium hepta-aluminate
14/12A rock with a cleavage – AugiteAugite
15/12A correction to an earlier claim – Ice XVI is the newest form of ice!Ice XVI
17/12Molecule of deceit – raspberry ketoneRaspberry ketone
18/12Methane under pressure – the strange coincidence of methane BMethane B
19/12It's making a list – SantiteSantite
21/12Seasons greetings. The crystal structure of Cocoa ButterCocoa butter (phase V)
31/12Seeing the New Year in red: the structure of strontium nitrateStrontium nitrate

McCree-Grey, Jonathan

11/04Murder most foul – Potassium CyanidePotassium cyanide
14/04An Explosive Result – Mercury (II) FulminateMercury(II) fulminate
20/05Silicon – an element that is everywhere!Silicon
09/06β-Carotene helps you see in the darkβ-Carotene
05/12Pinene – It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!Pinene

McGrath, Amy

30/06A different type of donut – beta-sliding clampBeta Sliding Clamp

McIntyre, Garry

28/08Do try this in your own home! Copper sulfate pentahydrateCopper sulfate pentahydrate

McMahon, Róisín

05/01Brace yourself! The structure of DiSulfide Bond proteins (DSBs)DiSulfide Bond proteins (DSBs)
03/02Lysozyme: Not to be sniffed atLysozyme
14/02Roses are red, violets are blue. Oxytocin in my brain makes me only want to be with you…Oxytocin
24/03Myoglobin: (Don't) hold your breath!Myoglobin
15/04Collagen: Triple strengthCollagen
17/04Botox: Toxic medicineBotox
19/05Haemoglobin: Bloody protein!Haemoglobin
14/07Melatonin: Are you feeling sleepy?Melatonin
15/07Caffeine hit: Adenosine A2A receptorAdenosine A2A receptor
15/09Bacteria: How do they resist?β-Lactamase
24/10Superbug superpowersPenicillin binding protein variant (PBP2a)
20/11From crystal to structure in 84 yearsJack bean urease
22/12Oh, deer...β-Lactoglobulin
24/12A little helper – Elf3Elf3
26/12Give me a resinCytochrome P450 2B enzyme

Norris, Lawrence

01/12A tree bark suspension and a Nobel Prize later … We wonder less about the structural basis of the action of aspirinProstaglandin H synthase
27/10Solid carbon dioxideCarbon dioxide

Pfrunder, Michael

19/08Hasta la Vista, Babies…Methandrostenolone

Price, Jason

11/01Tales from a PhD – Synthesising a catenaneCatenane

Ragon, Florence

02/02Are you feeling blue? The structure of Prussian BluePrussian Blue

Rule, Kirrily

30/01Resistance is futile – Lanthanum Barium Copper OxideLanthanum barium copper oxide
18/02How high is high for a high-temperature superconductor? – HgBaCaCuOHgBaCaCuO
24/02Getting pernickety about the 1st pnictide superconductor, LaOFePLaOFeP
23/03I'm blue da-ba-di da-ba dah – The natural mineral, AzuriteAzurite
02/05Magnetic monopoles in the pyrochlore structurePyrochlore
26/09Neo-mag: The strongest permanent magnet of them all!Neo-mag (Nd2Fe2B)

Sharma, Neeraj

05/06A little out of the usual – a sneak peek at our take on the structure of a perovskitePerovskite
24/06A bit of a mouthful – sodium vanadium fluorophosphates: Na3V2O2x(PO4)2F3-2xSodium vanadium fluorophosphate

Studer, Andrew

04/02Dusty crystalsCoulomb crystal
28/03Spins and Arrows: the Magnetic Story of MnOManganese oxide
02/04Rare earth magnets: how crystallography can help you stay attractiveNeodymium magnet
04/04Magnetic Thulium: Moments align in sevenThulium
06/05Elements Under Pressure: BariumBarium IV
09/05ThCr2Si2: giving it the old 1-2-2ThCr2Si2
13/05Gallium: out of the boxGallium
16/05Gd5Si2Ge2: Magneto gets coolerGd5Si2Ge2
22/09Tetrahedral amorphous carbon: rough in the diamondTetrahedral amorphous carbon
14/10Phase Under Pressure – Cerium gold silicideCerium gold silicide
17/10SmB6: When interesting is skin deepSamarium hexaboride, SmB6
04/11Future Boron: Virtual Synthesis is the Next PhaseBoron (B56)

Thomas, Lynne

10/09Cellulose – the inner strength of plantsCellulose

Turner, David

08/01Happy New Year Hangover – EthanolEthanol
24/01You must be taking the **** – UreaUrea
25/02This is a Hard One – Sildenafil CitrateSildenafil citrate
15/03Something for the Weekend – Potassium BitartratePotassium bitartrate
28/04Don’t Panic – Valium / DiazepamValium
29/05Getting in a Twist – A PolyrotaxanePolyrotaxane
16/06Some Like It Hot – CapsaicinCapsaicin
16/10A Nobel Explosive – TrinitroglycerinTrinitroglycerin
23/12Merry Christmas – Ho Ho HoHexakis(μ2-8-quinolinolato-N,O,O)-tris(8-quinolinolato-N,O)-tri-holmium(iii) 8-hydroxyquinoline solvate

Warren, Mark

27/08Light reactions[Ni(dppe)(η1-ONO)Cl]

Webster, Renée

21/07Ring ring! Naphthalene callingNaphthalene
06/11Chosen for its looks – CongressaneCongressane
10/11Karrikinolide – where there's smoke, there's germinationKarrikinolide

White, Keith

02/06Absorbing gas – Lithium isonicotinate.solvateLithium isonicotinate∙solvate

Wood, Katy

21/05Protein crystals naturally occurring in a cellular membrane: BacteriorhodopsinBacteriorhodopsin
25/07DNA: Life's blueprintDNA