Blogging a crystal structure a day in 2014


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StructureTitleAuthorDate posted
20141231_originalLawrence Norris31/12
54-Fold interpenetrated coordination polymer54 nets and nothing fishyStuart Batten29/12
Rhodopseudomonas viridis photosynthetic reaction centrePass the Electron – The First Membrane Protein Structure Shows How Purple Bacteria Get Energy from LightAnton Le Brun15/05
[(CH3)4N][Cu2(NCS)3]All of the symmetry – P42cm: [(CH3)4N][Cu2(NCS)3]Helen Maynard-Casely05/10
[Ni(dppe)(η1-ONO)Cl]Light reactionsMark Warren27/08
Acemetacin co-crystalsMaking a drug work smarter – Acemetacin co-crystalsHelen Maynard-Casely16/03
Acetic acidVinegar – acetic acidHelen Maynard-Casely12/06
AdamantaneRigidity in carbon and hydrogen – AdamantaneJack Binns04/03
Adenosine A2A receptorCaffeine hit: Adenosine A2A receptorRóisín McMahon15/07
AdrenalineKick-starting AdrenalineJulia Archbold16/01
Alcohol dehydrogenaseBreaking down the drink – Alcohol DehydrogenaseJulia Archbold19/02
AliteIt’s in the walls – AliteHelen Maynard-Casely18/03
Alpha-conotoxin (PnIB)Cone snail toxins as painkillers – The structure of an alpha-conopeptideJulia Archbold24/07
AmethystFebruary's Birthstone – AmethystHelen Brand01/02
AmmoniaFeeding the world – AmmoniaHelen Maynard-Casely09/08
Ammonium perchlorateThis is rocket science – ammonium perchlorateHelen Maynard-Casely18/05
AndersoniteThe crystal structure rainbow – Glowing in UV, AndersoniteHelen Maynard-Casely30/03
Anthrax protective antigenA Crystal Structure for Stopping Germ WarfareAnton Le Brun28/07
Antifreeze protein MaxiCold as Ice… with 'Maxi' sacrificeJulia Archbold01/04
AP2 complexBiology on the edge – Adaptor Protein complex 2Brett Collins09/01
ApocrustacyaninWhy does a lobster change colour on cooking?John Helliwell25/12
AquamarineMarch's Birthstone – AquamarineHelen Brand03/03
ArgentiteA world cup inspired post – ArgentiteHelen Maynard-Casely13/07
ArsenopyriteDeadly crystal structures – ArsenopyriteHelen Maynard-Casely06/04
AspirinA headache of a crystal structure – AspirinHelen Maynard-Casely07/02
AugiteA rock with a cleavage – AugiteHelen Maynard-Casely14/12
AutuniteA more complicated powering mineral – AutuniteHelen Maynard-Casely07/09
AzuriteI'm blue da-ba-di da-ba dah – The natural mineral, AzuriteKirrily Rule23/03
BacteriorhodopsinProtein crystals naturally occurring in a cellular membrane: BacteriorhodopsinKaty Wood21/05
BakBak: The Face of DeathJason Brouwer31/10
BariteBiominerals #5 - Which way is up?Helen Maynard-Casely21/09
Barium IVElements Under Pressure: BariumAndrew Studer06/05
Batrachotoxin AI'm pretty, but don't touch me as I'm deadlyAnton Le Brun02/12
BenzeneA ring of progress – BenzeneHelen Maynard-Casely29/06
Beta Sliding ClampA different type of donut – beta-sliding clampAmy McGrath30/06
BismuthBi George, it's bismuth!Sara Callori25/06
BonattiteBonattite - blue copper sulfate, but a lot rarerHelen Maynard-Casely31/08
BoraxWhat's in silly putty? – BoraxHelen Maynard-Casely19/10
Boron (B56)Future Boron: Virtual Synthesis is the Next PhaseAndrew Studer04/11
Boron (α)Boron – an element to watch for the futureHelen Maynard-Casely28/10
Boron carbideGlowing green – WillemiteHelen Maynard-Casely30/10
Boron nitrideSuperhard and superstrong – cubic Boron NitrideHelen Maynard-Casely10/08
BotoxBotox: Toxic medicineRóisín McMahon17/04
BowieiteAn exclusive mineral – BowieiteHelen Maynard-Casely05/07
BraggiteCelebrating one of the founders of the field – the crystal structure of BraggiteHelen Maynard-Casely31/03
BridgmaniteWhat’s in a name? – BridgmaniteWilliam Brant08/07
BrownleeiteA mineral from interplanetary dustHelen Maynard-Casely05/08
Brownmillerite (SrCoO2.5)Organize your oxygen with brownmillerite, SrCoO2.5Sara Callori05/03
Brownmillerite super structure (Sr2Fe2O5)Ordering matters: Not all brownmillerites are created equalJosie Auckett07/07
BruciteA mineral for Australia day – BruciteHelen Maynard-Casely26/01
BuckminsterfullereneBuckminsterfullerene a.k.a. Buckyballs a.k.a. C60Sara Callori25/01
Cadmium cyanideDedication in the face of adversity – Cadmium CyanideStuart Batten08/10
Cadmium tricyanomethanide tetramethoxyborateCadmium tricyanomethanide tetramethoxyborate (try saying that three times!)Stuart Batten02/09
Caesium chlorideClassical crystal structures – Caesium chlorideHelen Maynard-Casely09/03
CaffeineCheap, Safe and Legal: Caffeine, The Socially Acceptable Psychoactive DrugJack Clegg01/09
CalaveriteKalgoorlie where the streets are paved with gold – CalaveriteHelen Maynard-Casely07/04
CalciteSeeing Double – CalciteJack Binns17/02
Calcium titanateThe first perovskite – Calcium TitanateWilliam Brant22/01
CapsaicinSome Like It Hot – CapsaicinDavid Turner16/06
Carbon dioxideSolid carbon dioxideLawrence Norris27/10
CarotenoidsColour me beautiful – CarotenoidsJohn Helliwell12/03
CarpathiteAn aromatic mineral – CarpathiteHelen Maynard-Casely22/07
CatenaneTales from a PhD – Synthesising a catenaneJason Price11/01
CelluloseCellulose – the inner strength of plantsLynne Thomas10/09
Cerium gold silicidePhase Under Pressure – Cerium gold silicideAndrew Studer14/10
CerussiteCelebrating Laue – very tiny crystalsHelen Maynard-Casely12/10
ChalcopyriteTrademark this mineral!Sara Callori22/10
Chinese puzzle moleculeThe Chinese puzzle moleculeAlison Edwards06/08
Christmas factorFactor IX: Christmas FactorAnton Le Brun20/12
ChrysotileDeadly crystal structures – ChrysotileHelen Maynard-Casely05/04
ChymotrypsinChymotrypsin — the first protease structureStephen Curry12/08
Citric acidThe sour in the sweet – citric acidHelen Maynard-Casely06/03
Clerodane diterpenoidHappy St Patrick's day – something to help you with the snakes?Helen Maynard-Casely17/03
Cobalt chlorideGrowing new flowers in the chemical garden – cobalt chlorideHelen Maynard-Casely13/11
Cobalt tricyanomethanideFive fold - Cobalt tricyanomethanideStuart Batten21/08
Cocoa butter (phase V)Seasons greetings. The crystal structure of Cocoa ButterHelen Maynard-Casely21/12
Cocoa butter (phase VI)The chocolate you don’t want – cocoa butter form VIHelen Maynard-Casely14/06
CollagenCollagen: Triple strengthRóisín McMahon15/04
Concanavalin ACelebrating Laue – comprehensive protein structuresJohn Helliwell13/10
CongressaneChosen for its looks – CongressaneRenée Webster06/11
Copper sulfate pentahydrateDo try this in your own home! Copper sulfate pentahydrateGarry McIntyre28/08
Copper tetracyanotetraphenylmethane tetrafluoroborateCrystals by Design – Copper Tetracyanotetraphenylmethane TetrafluoroborateStuart Batten13/08
Corticotropin releasing factorFeeling Stressed? Understanding Anxiety and DepressionJulia Archbold10/03
Coulomb crystalDusty crystalsAndrew Studer04/02
CrocoiteThe crystal structure rainbow – Orange crocoiteHelen Maynard-Casely20/03
CryptomelaneA mineral often mistaken for a fossil – cryptomelaneHelen Maynard-Casely11/07
CuriumMadam Curie – one of her elements: CuriumHelen Maynard-Casely07/11
Cyclodextrin-based MOFPorosity on your Plate – An Edible Metal-Organic FrameworkSam Duyker23/06
Cytochrome P450 2B enzymeGive me a resinRóisín McMahon26/12
DiamondApril Birthstone: Unlucky for some … DiamondHelen Brand08/04
DiopsideA surprisingly important structure - DiopsideHelen Maynard-Casely23/08
DiSulfide Bond proteins (DSBs)Brace yourself! The structure of DiSulfide Bond proteins (DSBs)Róisín McMahon05/01
DNADNA: Life's blueprintKaty Wood25/07
DNA polymeraseDNA Polymerase in Celebration of Evolution DayAnton Le Brun24/11
Dodecacalcium hepta-aluminateNow you've seen everything – superconductive concreteHelen Maynard-Casely13/12
Ebola glycoproteinA Crystal Structure That Was Only Possible With the Help of an Ebola SurvivorAnton Le Brun18/08
Einsteinium sesquioxideAn explosive discovery – Einsteinium sesquioxideHelen Maynard-Casely21/11
EkaniteEkanite – a mineral that will amorphise itselfHelen Maynard-Casely09/09
Elf3A little helper – Elf3Róisín McMahon24/12
EmeraldMay's Birthstone: Could you actually build an Emerald city?Helen Brand23/05
EpsomiteBath salts on the moons of JupiterHelen Maynard-Casely26/04
EthaneAn extra-terrestrial hydrocarbon – EthaneHelen Maynard-Casely28/06
EthanolHappy New Year Hangover – EthanolDavid Turner08/01
Ethyl maltolMolecular cotton candy – Ethyl MaltolHelen Maynard-Casely15/06
EttringiteDamaging buildings from within - EttringiteHelen Maynard-Casely03/09
EucalyptolPerfect for the cold and 'flu season: Eucalyptus OilJack Clegg20/08
Eugenyl acetateAdapting a plant-based molecule – eugenyl acetateHelen Maynard-Casely27/07
FeldsparWhat is our planet made out of? (1) FeldsparHelen Maynard-Casely18/04
FerroceneAn accidental molecule – ferroceneHelen Maynard-Casely10/12
Fluocerite-(La)All of the symmetry - P-3c1: Fluocerite-(La)Helen Maynard-Casely06/10
FluoriteA mineral of history – FluoriteHelen Maynard-Casely02/07
FrancoliteBiominerals #3 – Francolite, a mineral in fossilized Dinosaur bonesHelen Maynard-Casely19/09
G-protein–coupled receptorsThe Fight or Flight ReceptorJulia Archbold07/01
Gadolinium titanateCertainly not a typical material – the structure of Gadolinium TitanatesJames Christian29/01
GalenaHearing radio waves with galenaHelen Maynard-Casely13/04
GalliumGallium: out of the boxAndrew Studer13/05
GarnetThe structures behind birthstones – January GarnetsHelen Brand10/01
Gd5Si2Ge2Gd5Si2Ge2: Magneto gets coolerAndrew Studer16/05
GermaniteA world cup inspired post – GermaniteHelen Maynard-Casely12/07
GerstleyiteAll of the symmetry – Cm: GerstleyiteHelen Maynard-Casely04/10
GibbsiteCollect enough minerals and someone will name one after you! – GibbsiteHelen Maynard-Casely03/11
GlucoseSweet as – GlucoseHelen Maynard-Casely03/08
Glucose transporter 1How Sweet! The structure of the Glucose Transporter 1Julia Archbold21/06
GoethiteRaw mineral of a legend – GoethiteHelen Maynard-Casely08/08
GoldGOLD! The crystal structure of successHelen Maynard-Casely17/01
GoosecreekiteGoosecreekite – The most unusual mineral name?Helen Maynard-Casely23/10
Gramicidin SFrom crystallography, to running the countryHelen Maynard-Casely03/05
GraphiteGraphite – the makings of the future?Helen Maynard-Casely19/01
Green fluorescent proteinThe crystal structure rainbow – Green fluorescent proteinHelen Maynard-Casely22/03
GypsumThe 'desert rose' crystalHubert Chevreau21/01
HaemoglobinHaemoglobin: Bloody protein!Róisín McMahon19/05
Han purpleHan purple – colour of the terracotta warriorsSam Duyker16/12
HeklaiteA mineral from Iceland – HeklaiteHelen Maynard-Casely14/09
HematiteA structure determined by Linus Pauling – HematiteHelen Brand28/02
Heteropoly acidKeggin your pardon, ma'm – the structure of a heteropoly acidSam Duyker14/03
HexaferrocenylbenzeneAn impossible molecule – HexaferrocenylbenzeneHelen Maynard-Casely11/12
Hexakis(μ2-8-quinolinolato-N,O,O)-tris(8-quinolinolato-N,O)-tri-holmium(iii) 8-hydroxyquinoline solvateMerry Christmas – Ho Ho HoDavid Turner23/12
HexamethylenetetramineA bit of a mouthful – hexamethylenetetramineHelen Maynard-Casely02/08
HgBaCaCuOHow high is high for a high-temperature superconductor? – HgBaCaCuOKirrily Rule18/02
HHTP tetrahydrateConfining water – the structure of HHTP tetrahydrateJasper Adamson22/05
HKUST-1The structure of empty space – HKUST 1Sam Duyker03/01
Human leukocyte antigen (HLA-A2)HLA Molecules – How the body detects infected cellsJulia Archbold02/01
Human signalosome complexCop this! The protein 'cop' (Cop9) with multiple tasksJulia Archbold16/09
Hydrochloric acidIt is sitting in your stomach – Hydrochloric acidHelen Maynard-Casely13/03
HydrogenThe chemical bond is stronger than we could have imaginedHelen Maynard-Casely22/02
HydroxylapatiteA crystal structure you eat with! HydroxylapatiteHelen Maynard-Casely19/06
Ice IcCubic ice – does it exist or not?Helen Maynard-Casely12/04
Ice IhSnow joke – January’s Ice structure, Ice IhHelen Maynard-Casely06/01
Ice IIIce, but in a better state of order - Ice IIHelen Maynard-Casely30/08
Ice IIIIce III in GanymedeHelen Maynard-Casely07/06
Ice IXStranger than fiction – Ice IXHelen Maynard-Casely08/02
Ice VISquare snowflakes – the structure of Ice VIHelen Maynard-Casely02/03
Ice XIce X – The extreme form of iceHelen Maynard-Casely19/07
Ice XVThe most recently discovered ice structure – Ice XVHelen Maynard-Casely15/11
Ice XVIA correction to an earlier claim – Ice XVI is the newest form of ice!Helen Maynard-Casely15/12
Indigo carmineThe crystal structure rainbow – Indigo in your batteries?Helen Maynard-Casely25/03
InsulinImpressive InsulinJulia Archbold13/01
INVARNot going anywhere – low expansion alloysHelen Maynard-Casely14/08
IoliteThe two-coloured rock – IoliteHelen Maynard-Casely04/06
Iridium OxideCommon structure, but rare material – Iridium OxideHelen Maynard-Casely10/07
Iron (hcp)What is our planet made out of? (8) Hcp IronHelen Maynard-Casely25/04
Iron (II) sulfate heptahydrateLacking in iron? – Iron (II) sulfate heptahydrateHelen Maynard-Casely11/06
Iron hydride (fcc)Finding hydrogen – where does it sit in fcc Iron hydrideHelen Maynard-Casely18/10
Iron trans-4,4'-azopyridine thiocyanateIron trans-4,4'-azopyridine thiocyanate – Letting things down…Stuart Batten25/09
Jack bean ureaseFrom crystal to structure in 84 yearsRóisín McMahon20/11
Jack bean ureaseCrystallising enzymes from beans – celebrating SumnerJohn Helliwell19/11
JadeiteA greenstone – JadeiteHelen Maynard-Casely07/12
JarositeHero and a villain – JarositeHelen Brand10/04
KaoliniteFancy a wrestle? – KaoliniteHelen Maynard-Casely09/11
KarrikinolideKarrikinolide – where there's smoke, there's germinationRenée Webster10/11
KryptonA super cool material – the crystal structure of KryptonHelen Maynard-Casely16/11
L-Glutamic acidWhat was Philae looking for on 67P? L-Glutamic acidHelen Maynard-Casely18/11
L-SerineChasing complex molecules in the stars – looking for L-SerineHelen Maynard-Casely28/09
LabradoriteA play on colours – LabradoriteHelen Maynard-Casely03/06
Lactose monohydrateNot for the intolerant – LactoseHelen Maynard-Casely08/06
Lanthanoid hexacyanidocobaltatesShrinking in the heat – lanthanoid hexacyanidocobaltates, a.k.a. LnCo(CN)6Sam Duyker30/12
Lanthanum barium copper oxideResistance is futile – Lanthanum Barium Copper OxideKirrily Rule30/01
Lanthanum hexaboridePurple standards – Lanthanum hexaborideJames Hester26/02
LaOFePGetting pernickety about the 1st pnictide superconductor, LaOFePKirrily Rule24/02
Lapis lazuliSeptember's birthstone: your choice, Sapphire or Lapis LazuliHelen Brand11/09
Layered cuprous tricyanomethanide derivativesInterdigitation, Interpenetration, IntercalationStuart Batten30/09
Lead Zirconium TitanateA material that could help keep your heart going – lead zirconium titanateHelen Maynard-Casely16/07
LepidoliteWhere does all the lithium come from? – LepidoliteHelen Maynard-Casely12/09
Lithium boro-hydrideStuffing in the hydrogen – Lithium Boro-hydrideHelen Maynard-Casely06/12
Lithium cobalt oxideLixCoO2 – The Breakout Battery HitWilliam Brant09/04
Lithium iron phosphateLiFePO4 – The Unexpected Battery Success StoryWilliam Brant29/04
Lithium isonicotinate∙solvateAbsorbing gas – Lithium isonicotinate.solvateKeith White02/06
Lithium lanthanum titanateSuper Fast Ions – Solid Ion Conductor Lithium Lanthanum TitanateWilliam Brant11/02
Lithium niobateCrystals of temperature and electricity – Pyroelectric lithium niobateHelen Maynard-Casely07/08
Lithium titanateSpinning around with Spinels – Lithium titanatePaige Hawkins31/01
LonsdaleiteKathleen Lonsdale and her mineralHelen Maynard-Casely28/01
LptD-LptE translocon complex'Roll out the Barrel': Structure of the LptD-LptE translocon complex from bacteriaJulia Archbold26/06
LysozymeLysozyme: Not to be sniffed atRóisín McMahon03/02
MagnesiowüstiteWhat is our planet made out of? (6) MagnesiowüstiteHelen Maynard-Casely23/04
Magnesium chlorideSimple Sunday – Magnesium ChlorideHelen Maynard-Casely26/10
Magnesium oxideBright spark – Magnesium OxideHelen Maynard-Casely16/08
MagnetiteBiominerals #1 – MagnetiteHelen Maynard-Casely17/09
MalachiteCommon beauty – MalachiteHelen Maynard-Casely11/11
Malic acidThe sour taste – Malic acidHelen Maynard-Casely02/11
Manganese oxideSpins and Arrows: the Magnetic Story of MnOAndrew Studer28/03
MegawiteA specially named perovskite, MegawiteHelen Maynard-Casely01/06
MelatoninMelatonin: Are you feeling sleepy?Róisín McMahon14/07
MeliliteWhat are comets made out of? One potential ingredient: MeliliteHelen Maynard-Casely17/11
Mercury(II) fulminateAn Explosive Result – Mercury (II) FulminateJonathan McCree-Grey14/04
MeridianiiteAn Earth and Mars mineral – Meridianiite MgSO4.11H2OHelen Brand30/07
MethamphetamineNot another ice structure… MethamphetamineSam Duyker12/02
MethandrostenoloneHasta la Vista, Babies…Michael Pfrunder19/08
Methane AMethane under pressure – the structure of Methane AHelen Maynard-Casely11/05
Methane BMethane under pressure – the strange coincidence of methane BHelen Maynard-Casely18/12
Methane hydrate IFire ice – the structure of methane hydrate IHelen Maynard-Casely18/01
Methane Hydrate II (sH)A big water cage, sH clathrate hydrateHelen Maynard-Casely08/09
Methylammonium Lead HalidesA Structure for Summer – Methylammonium Lead HalidesHelen Brand01/12
MIL 143MIL-143 or the big-brother (ir)regular beta-cristobaliteHubert Chevreau26/05
MIL-53It Breathes but isn’t Alive – MIL-53, a Flexible FrameworkSam Duyker31/07
MirabiliteMirabilite: 'The Miracle Salt'Helen Brand08/05
MoganiteBiominerals #4 – The wonderful world of silicaHelen Maynard-Casely20/09
Molecular tetrahedraA diamond net of molecular tetrahedraJessica Holmes29/07
MolybdenumMolybdenum – the building block of nuclear medicineHelen Maynard-Casely18/07
Monosodium L-glutamateEnhancing flavour, molecule by molecule: MSGHelen Maynard-Casely03/10
MulliteSomething to mull on – MulliteHelen Maynard-Casely01/05
Munc18Munc18: No Munc-eying around with our molecular transport machinery!Julia Archbold03/12
MuscoviteYou can see through it – MuscoviteHelen Maynard-Casely09/02
MyoglobinMyoglobin: (Don't) hold your breath!Róisín McMahon24/03
NanoballsNanoballs - synthesis for the lazyStuart Batten26/08
NaphthaleneRing ring! Naphthalene callingRenée Webster21/07
Negative crystalsSurreal Microscopic Environments – Negative CrystalsWilliam Brant28/11
Neo-mag (Nd2Fe2B)Neo-mag: The strongest permanent magnet of them all!Kirrily Rule26/09
Neodymium magnetRare earth magnets: how crystallography can help you stay attractiveAndrew Studer02/04
NeuraminidaseFighting the Flu – The structure of NeuraminidaseJulia Archbold27/01
Nickel sulfate hexahydrateCrystals you can grow at home – Nickel Sulphate HexahydrateJames Hester30/05
Nickel sulfideA smashing crystal structure – Nickel sulfideHelen Maynard-Casely20/07
NiterRemember, Remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot…Helen Brand05/11
NitinolYou can do a lot with two elements – NitinolHelen Maynard-Casely13/09
Octapi catenaneWhat’s in a name? The Octapi CatenaneStuart Batten29/08
Oestrogen'Let's talk about Sex' hormones – Part 1: The Oestrogen ReceptorJulia Archbold03/07
OlivineWhat is our planet made out of? (2) OlivineHelen Maynard-Casely19/04
OpalOctober birthstone: Opal. When is a crystal not quite a crystal?Helen Brand10/10
Outer membrane protein A (OmpA)A Protein Swiss Army KnifeAnton Le Brun11/03
Outer membrane protein FA protein structure that is a β-barrel of laughsAnton Le Brun27/05
OxygenThe crystal structure rainbow – Red OxygenHelen Maynard-Casely19/03
OxytocinRoses are red, violets are blue. Oxytocin in my brain makes me only want to be with you…Róisín McMahon14/02
P-glycoproteinP-glycoprotein: It's as simple as ABCJulia Archbold18/06
PainiteA formerly very exclusive mineral – PainiteHelen Maynard-Casely06/07
Palmitic acidSaturating your food – Palmitic acidHelen Maynard-Casely29/11
PapainA Crystal Structure for the Perfect Steak: PapainAnton Le Brun20/06
ParacetamolAn elusive polymorph of ParacetamolHelen Maynard-Casely31/05
PbTiO3/SrTiO3 superlatticeIt's a bird…it's a plane…it's a superstructure!Sara Callori05/05
PearlJune birthstone – PearlHelen Brand27/06
PenicillinPenicillin – D-DayAlison Edwards06/06
Penicillin binding protein variant (PBP2a)Superbug superpowersRóisín McMahon24/10
PeridotAugust Birthstone: PeridotHelen Brand22/08
PerovskiteA little out of the usual – a sneak peek at our take on the structure of a perovskiteNeeraj Sharma05/06
Pertussis toxinWhoop whoop: pertussis toxinAnton Le Brun14/11
PhenolA small molecule that has saved a lot of lives – phenolHelen Maynard-Casely27/04
PhosphorusA strange and dangerous glow – White phosphorusJoseph Bevitt21/02
Picric acidLess than mellow yellow – the structure of picric acidHelen Maynard-Casely10/02
PinenePinene – It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!Jonathan McCree-Grey05/12
PiperineA peppery crystal structure – PiperineHelen Maynard-Casely17/05
Plutonium (alpha phase)Alpha plutonium – a rebel elementHelen Maynard-Casely25/11
Polio virusThe beginning of the end for PolioHelen Maynard-Casely23/02
PoloniumAn Element of surprise – The crystal structure of PoloniumHelen Maynard-Casely05/02
PolyethylenePlastic fantastic – polyethyleneJoseph Bevitt27/02
PolyrotaxaneGetting in a Twist – A PolyrotaxaneDavid Turner29/05
Potassium bitartrateSomething for the Weekend – Potassium BitartrateDavid Turner15/03
Potassium cyanideMurder most foul – Potassium CyanideJonathan McCree-Grey11/04
Prion proteinsThe Good and Bad of Prions: Proteins that cause Mad Cow diseaseJulia Archbold01/08
Prostaglandin H synthaseA tree bark suspension and a Nobel Prize later … We wonder less about the structural basis of the action of aspirinLawrence Norris01/12
Prussian BlueAre you feeling blue? The structure of Prussian BlueFlorence Ragon02/02
PseudomalachiteA mineral imposter – pseudomalachiteHelen Maynard-Casely12/11
PutnisitePutnisite: Brand New and Completely UniqueSara Callori14/05
PyriteFool’s gold – the structure of PyriteHelen Maynard-Casely16/02
PyrochloreMagnetic monopoles in the pyrochlore structureKirrily Rule02/05
PyroxferroiteA mineral that came down to Earth – pyroxferroiteHelen Maynard-Casely20/01
PZNLocal Order Hidden Inside the Average Order in PZNDarren Goossens15/10
QuartzQuartz: Dear Indi – Let me in next time!!!Hubert Chevreau14/01
QuasicrystalsTo the ends of the earth and beyond – the search for 'impossible' quasicrystalsHelen Maynard-Casely17/08
QuinineA molecule from trees – QuinineHelen Maynard-Casely26/07
Raspberry ketoneMolecule of deceit – raspberry ketoneHelen Maynard-Casely17/12
RDXDanger danger! A high-pressure explosive – γ RDXHelen Maynard-Casely15/02
Rh2(PNP)2(PNP)2(BPh4)2Celebrating Laue – complex structures very quickly!Helen Maynard-Casely11/10
RibosomeThe machine of life – the structure of the RibosomeBrett Collins03/04
RicinPossibly the Deadliest Crystal Structure Known: RicinAnton Le Brun25/08
RingwooditeWhat is our planet made out of? (4) RingwooditeHelen Maynard-Casely21/04
Rock SaltThe structure that started it all – Rock saltHelen Maynard-Casely01/01
RoentgeniumA celebration of X-rays – RoentgeniumHelen Maynard-Casely27/03
RubyThis month introduces us to the most iconic of red gems: Ruby, the birthstone of JulyJosie Auckett01/07
Ruddlesden-Popper structuresLet’s Get Popping! – Ruddlesden-Popper StructuresSara Callori11/08
RutileWhat is the Rutile structure?Helen Maynard-Casely09/07
Samarium cobalt magnetsSmCo magnets – May the 4th be with youHelen Maynard-Casely04/05
Samarium hexaboride, SmB6SmB6: When interesting is skin deepAndrew Studer17/10
SantiteIt's making a list – SantiteHelen Maynard-Casely19/12
SeleniteSelenite – Crystal CathedralsWilliam Brant28/05
SiGe alloysPowering Voyager - SiGe alloysHelen Maynard-Casely24/08
Sildenafil citrateThis is a Hard One – Sildenafil CitrateDavid Turner25/02
Silicate perovskiteWhat is our planet made out of? (5) Silicate perovskiteHelen Maynard-Casely22/04
Silicate post-perovskiteWhat is our planet made out of? (7) Silicate Post-perovskiteHelen Maynard-Casely24/04
SiliconSilicon – an element that is everywhere!Jonathan McCree-Grey20/05
Silver behenateA long chain crystal – Silver behenateHelen Maynard-Casely25/10
Silver(I) tricyanomethanideNegative Compression! Silver(I) tricyanomethanideJasper Adamson29/09
Sodium acetateSodium acetateHelen Maynard-Casely13/06
Sodium bicarbonateGetting your cakes to rise – bicarbonate of sodaHelen Maynard-Casely20/10
Sodium hydrideSodium hydride, simple yet historicHelen Maynard-Casely27/09
Sodium vanadium fluorophosphateA bit of a mouthful – sodium vanadium fluorophosphates: Na3V2O2x(PO4)2F3-2xNeeraj Sharma24/06
SphaleriteClassical crystal structures – sphaleriteHelen Maynard-Casely07/03
SpherocobaltiteMineral in pink – SpherocobaltiteHelen Maynard-Casely08/12
SpinelThe world’s most underappreciated gemstone – Red SpinelWilliam Brant24/09
SpliceosomeCutting up the genes – the structure of a spliceosomeBrett Collins01/03
Sr0.8Ti0.6Nb0.4O3Growing crystals for your PhD – The trials and tribulations Part 1William Brant04/09
Sr3C60All of the symmetry – Pm-3: Sr3C60Helen Maynard-Casely07/10
Sr3TiNb4O15Growing crystals for your PhD – The trials and tribulations Part 2William Brant05/09
SrFeO2Square planar ferrites: sneaking up on unlikely atomic geometriesJosie Auckett07/05
Stearic acidTime to scrub things up – Stearic acidHelen Maynard-Casely17/07
StishoviteSign of an impact – StishoviteHelen Maynard-Casely22/11
Strontium nitrateSeeing the New Year in red: the structure of strontium nitrateHelen Maynard-Casely31/12
SucroseSweet crystallography – the crystal structure of sucroseHelen Maynard-Casely12/01
Sulfur (S8)Brimstone (sulfur)Helen Maynard-Casely01/11
Sulfuric acid hexahydrateA material for another world – Sulfuric Acid HexahydrateHelen Maynard-Casely04/01
TalcA crystal for after a shower – TalcHelen Maynard-Casely06/02
Tartaric acidDecorative, but a little deadly – TorberniteLauren Macreadie28/12
Tartaric acidPasteurized Crystals – Tartaric acidAnna Leung27/12
Testosterone'Let's talk about Sex' hormones – Part 2: The Androgen Receptor and TestosteroneJulia Archbold04/07
Tetrahedral amorphous carbonTetrahedral amorphous carbon: rough in the diamondAndrew Studer22/09
ThCr2Si2ThCr2Si2: giving it the old 1-2-2Andrew Studer09/05
ThuliumMagnetic Thulium: Moments align in sevenAndrew Studer04/04
Tin (alpha and beta)A failed campaign – alpha and beta tinHelen Maynard-Casely23/11
TobermoriteSounds edible, but isn't - TobermoriteHelen Maynard-Casely22/06
TopazNovember's birthstone – Orange TopazHelen Brand26/11
TourmalineThe final birthstone of the year: TourmalineHelen Brand09/12
Tricalcium aluminateBeautifully holding buildings together – Tricalcium aluminateHelen Maynard-Casely04/12
Triglycine sulphateTriglycine Sulphate: Ferroelectic, Pyroelectric, BolometricDarren Goossens04/08
TrinitroglycerinA Nobel Explosive – TrinitroglycerinDavid Turner16/10
TryptophanYour crystallographic Thanksgiving – Tryptophan!Sara Callori27/11
Tungsten (VI) oxideWOOO, Tungsten(VI) Oxide!Mackenzie Hagan23/01
Tyrian purpleThe crystal structure rainbow – Imperial violetHelen Maynard-Casely26/03
UiO-66The MOFIA and the boss of the crown family: the UiO-66Hubert Chevreau12/12
Universal 3-RavelWhen is a knot not a knot? When it's a Ravel!Jack Clegg21/10
Uraninite (pitchblende)A powering mineral – UraniniteHelen Maynard-Casely06/09
Uranium (beta)Another strange element – β UraniumHelen Maynard-Casely30/04
UreaYou must be taking the **** – UreaDavid Turner24/01
UvaroviteA very rare gem – UvaroviteHelen Maynard-Casely29/03
ValiumDon’t Panic – Valium / DiazepamDavid Turner28/04
VateriteIt takes two – VateriteHelen Maynard-Casely08/11
VermiculiteA crystal sandwich – VermiculiteHelen Maynard-Casely30/11
Vitamin B12Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and the structure of Vitamin B12Alison Edwards12/05
Vitamin CImportant for this time of year – Vitamin CHelen Maynard-Casely10/06
Voltage-gated sodium channelIon Channels and Chronic Pain – Structure of the Voltage-Gated Sodium ChannelJulia Archbold23/07
WadsleyiteWhat is our planet made out of? (3) WadsleyiteHelen Maynard-Casely20/04
WaterJ. D. Bernal and the structure of waterAlison Edwards10/05
WeddelliteBiominerals #2 – Weddellite (in Antarctica and in you!)Helen Maynard-Casely18/09
WillemiteBoron and carbon – better together?Helen Maynard-Casely29/10
WurtziteClassical crystal structures – WurtziteHelen Maynard-Casely08/03
Xenon-water compoundImpossible chemistry: making the unreactive reactHelen Maynard-Casely01/10
XenotimeX is for xenotimeSam Duyker16/04
Yttrium barium copper oxideSuperconductivity Heats Up: Yttrium Barium Copper OxideSara Callori13/02
ZIF-8A big family of MOFs – Zeolitic imidazolate frameworksF. X. Coudert02/10
Zinc cyanideThe beauty within – Zinc cyanideF. X. Coudert15/08
Zinc nitrateAbsorbing and beautiful, zinc nitrateHelen Maynard-Casely09/10
ZirconHow old? – The crystal structure of ZirconHelen Maynard-Casely20/02
α-AmylaseThe Start of Digestion: Salivary α-AmylaseAnton Le Brun17/06
α-CristobaliteSame … but different. The structure of alpha-cristobaliteHubert Chevreau24/05
α-HaemolysinFrom Toxin to Technology: α-HaemolysinAnton Le Brun23/09
β-Caroteneβ-Carotene helps you see in the darkJonathan McCree-Grey09/06
β-CristobaliteSame … but different. The structure of beta-cristobaliteHubert Chevreau25/05
β-LactamaseBacteria: How do they resist?Róisín McMahon15/09
β-LactoglobulinOh, deer...Róisín McMahon22/12
δ-Bi2O3-Nb2O5Conducting heat with a very complicated structureChris Ling15/01