schools and workshops

This is a concise listing of all major projects and calendar events (past and future) in this category, associated with the International Year of Crystallography 2014.


Führungen und Workshops für Vorschulgruppen und Schulklassen Vienna A series of events and workshops for pre-school groups and school classes at the Natural History Museum in Vienna is designed to start raising awareness and draw attention to the important role that crystals play in many areas of modern life. 

18th Nov 2012 100 Years of X-ray Diffraction Hurghada, Red Sea
8th Apr 2013 Radiocristallographie : Applications aux déterminations structurales par diffraction par poudres et monocristal Dschang
8th Jul 2013 Crystallography and Society Santander
4th Aug 2013 15th International Summer School on Crystal Growth Gdańsk
19th Aug 2013 II Curso de Análise de Minerais / Minérios pelas Técnicas de DRX e FRX Fortaleza
4th Sep 2013 Crystallography Beyond Diffraction, 2nd Edition Camerino
2nd Oct 2013 Workshop "Frontiers of crystallography" Novosibirsk
24th Oct 2013 5th Moroccan School of Crystallography Oujda
28th Oct 2013 Second Workshop of the AACr: Neutron Scattering Techniques for Materials Science Córdoba
11th Nov 2013 I Curso Online do Método Rietveld Fortaleza
21st Nov 2013 Natta's seeds grow Milan, Politecnico di Milano
16th Jan 2014 Führung für KindergartenpädagogInnen und LehrerInnen Vienna
16th Jan 2014 Workshop für LehrerInnen: „Was steckt im Handy?“ Vienna
19th Jan 2014 Structural and biophysical methods for biological macromolecules in solution São Paulo
27th Jan 2014 School of crystallization and polymorphism San José
20th Feb 2014 Growing crystals for teachers Bariloche
12th Mar 2014 X-Ray Powder Diffraction: Structural Characterization of Materials Minia
20th Mar 2014 Rietveld Refinement of diffraction patterns Sousse
27th Mar 2014 Crystal growth for schoolchildren Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy
5th Apr 2014 Strategic pipeline planning: from sample preparation to 3D structure determination with bio SAXS and other biophysical techniques Athens
8th Apr 2014 Macromolecular Crystallography School "From data processing to structure refinement and beyond" Instituto de Fisica de Sao Carlos, USP-SP
9th Apr 2014 The unusual world of crystallography - from the crystal to the atom Lodz
10th Apr 2014 Minerais e cristais nas rochas do Trilho Geológico de Beja/Minerals and crystals in the rocks of the Beja Geological Trail Beja
12th Apr 2014 O melhor da cristalografia em 180 minutos Caparica
27th Apr 2014 ISFC 2014 La Plata
30th Apr 2014 XII Edition SoNS School Erice (Sicily, Italy)
10th May 2014 Crystals in nature and technology Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy
10th May 2014 Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography Šibenik
11th May 2014 International Summer School of Crystallography at DESY Hamburg Hamburg
15th May 2014 3rd School for young scientists on physics of nanostructured and crystalline materials Nizhni Novgorod
15th May 2014 Structural Characterization of Materials using X-ray Diffraction of Polycrystalline Samples Caracas
23rd May 2014 IV Workshop of Applied Crystallography to Materials Science and Engineering Vitória - ES
23rd May 2014 What do we owe to Crystallography - Protein Crystallization Workshops Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
25th May 2014 4th International School of Crystallization: Drugs, Foods, Agrochemicals, Minerals, New Materials (ISC2014) Granada
25th May 2014 Outdoor Classroom of Science Experiment in EXPO Park Osaka
30th May 2014 International School of Crystallography: 47th Course Erice
5th Jun 2014 Taller Alvaro Reynoso (Workshop Alvaro Reynoso) Santiago de Cuba
10th Jun 2014 International Expo/Sir Workshop Bari
15th Jun 2014 12th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science Warsaw
20th Jun 2014 The 1st FEBS-INSTRUCT practical crystallization course in the middle EU "Advanced methods in macromolecular crystallization VI" Nove Hrady
22nd Jun 2014 2nd Australian Advanced Methods in Crystallography Workshop Clayton, Melbourne, Victoria
23rd Jun 2014 Caracterización de Materiales Policristalinos mediante Técnicas de Difracción de Rayos X Merida
25th Jun 2014 DUPAN Powder Diffraction Workshop and Symposium Pittsburgh PA
25th Jun 2014 Crystallography for Chemists: A Hands-On Workshop at the University of Montana Missoula, Montana
1st Jul 2014 Biocrystallography for the high-throughput era Bialystok
1st Jul 2014 "X-ray Crystallography" Structure, Function & beyond Bangalore
7th Jul 2014 ACA Summer Course in Chemical Crystallography Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
22nd Jul 2014 ESTEEM2 electron crystallography workshop Cambridge
1st Aug 2014 X-Ray Diffraction and its application in Materials Engineering Raipur (Chhattisgarh)
11th Aug 2014 Techniques of optical crystallography Westmont, IL, UA
12th Aug 2014 Topological methods for expert systems in materials science Samara
14th Aug 2014 The Role of Magnetic Symmetry in the Description and Determination of Magnetic Structures Hamilton
15th Aug 2014 Training course on symmetry and group theory Tsukuba
20th Aug 2014 Crystals in the Classroom Penshurst West Public School, Sydney
23rd Aug 2014 BloemCrystSchool2 Bloemfontein
23rd Aug 2014 Science Festival 2014 for youngsters in Osaka Osaka
28th Aug 2014 First European Crystallography School Pavia
14th Sep 2014 ICCBM15 crystallization workshop Hamburg
19th Sep 2014 Elemental, compound and phase analysis by powder X-ray diffraction Tiruchirappalli
22nd Sep 2014 The International Workshop on Smart Nanomaterials 2014: Modeling, Synthesis, Diagnostics Rostov-on-Don
25th Sep 2014 One Day Workshop on Crystallography Tirana
28th Sep 2014 1st Meeting of the Young Crystallographers University of Bremen, Bremen
12th Oct 2014 the 6th AONSA Neutron School Serpong, Jakarta
14th Nov 2014 Synchrotron Radiation in Nanomaterials Research Hurghada
14th Nov 2014 Ice: Recent Developments on the Quasi Liquid Layer and the Anti-Freezing Phenomenon Neyagawa, Osaka
18th Nov 2014 Crystal growth for school children Helmholtz Centre Berlin for Materials and Energy
19th Nov 2014 ASEAN Workshop on Protein Crystallography (AWPX2014) Nakhon Ratchasima
28th Nov 2014 National Workshop on recent trends in X-ray Diffraction Techniques(RTX-2014) Chennai
2nd Dec 2014 Workshop de Cristalografia Brasil São Paulo
9th Feb 2015 Molecular materials: from fundamentals to applications Novosibirsk
9th Feb 2015 ELLS LearningLAB “Structural biology – shining light onto the fabric of life” EMBL Grenoble
9th Mar 2015 Second Training course on symmetry and group theory Tsukuba