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All projects and events in North America

This is a concise listing of all major projects and calendar events (past and future) associated with the International Year of Crystallography 2014 in this region.

Articles about crystallography in C&EN To mark 100 Years of Crystallography, the American Chemical Society publication Chemical & Engineering News has published a special cover story and feature essay.
Puerto Rico: National Crystallization Competition in High Schools Mayagüez, Puerto Rico The National Crystallization Competition in Puerto Rico introduces students to biomedical research, specifically in protein crystallization and protein structure. It provides students with the opportunity to incorporate novel techniques used in protein crystallization research within the science curricula of High Schools.
Wisconsin: Crystal Growing Contest Madison, Wisconsin A crystal growth competition will take place for Wisconsin high school students April-May 2014.
Canada: National Crystal Growing Competition Nationwide The National Crystal Growing Competition is a fun, hands-on experience as well as an exciting competition.
U.S. Crystal Growing Competition The United States Crystal Growing Competition is an important scientific outreach activity designed to provide K-12 grade students and teachers a fun, hands-on STEM experience as well as an exciting competition.

20th Jul 2013 ACA Meeting 2013 Honolulu HI
8th Jan 2014 "Quasicrystals" lecture New York City
22nd Jan 2014 The Order of Crystallography Chicago
14th Feb 2014 2014 International Year of Crystallography: Structure Matters Rice University, Houston, Tx
15th Feb 2014 IYCr2014 Symposium at Biophysical Society 58th Annual Meeting San Francisco
16th Feb 2014 Neutron and X-ray Studies of Advanced Materials VII: Challenges of the Future World — Complex Materials San Diego
16th Feb 2014 Neutron and X-ray studies of Advanced Materials VII - Challenges of the Future World
1st Mar 2014 Explore UT UT campus, Austin, Texas
15th Mar 2014 A Celebration of Crystallography in Solid State and Materials Chemistry: Complex Problems and New Solutions in Inorganic Small Molecule Crystallography Dallas
28th Mar 2014 Wilfrid Laurier Faculty of Science Poster Conference Waterloo, ON
15th May 2014 "From Batteries to Biological Machines: Crystallography Frontiers - Everyday Materials" Online
24th May 2014 ACA Meeting 2014 Albuquerque, NM
6th Jun 2014 Yale Rigaku Symposium on X-ray Diffraction New Haven
20th Jun 2014 Northwest Crystallography Workshop 2014 Corvallis, Oregon
25th Jun 2014 DUPAN Powder Diffraction Workshop and Symposium Pittsburgh PA
25th Jun 2014 Crystallography for Chemists: A Hands-On Workshop at the University of Montana Missoula, Montana
7th Jul 2014 ACA Summer Course in Chemical Crystallography Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
31st Jul 2014 Simposio de Cristalografía San Juan
2nd Aug 2014 Boston Biotech Symposium 2014 One Main Street, Cambridge, MA
5th Aug 2014 IUCr XXIII Palais des congress, Montreal
6th Aug 2014 Voyage dans le Cristal (Journey into the Crystal) 1st floor in the Viger Couloir, Palais des congrès de Montréal, QC
6th Aug 2014 Crystals: A World to Discover Leacock Building, Room 132, McGill University Campus, Montreal, QC
7th Aug 2014 Quasi-Periodic Crystals – a Paradigm Shift in Crystallography Leacock Building, Room 132, McGill University Campus, Montreal, QC
9th Aug 2014 HKL...XYZ Montreal
11th Aug 2014 Techniques of optical crystallography Westmont, IL, UA
11th Aug 2014 What is a Crystal? New Answers to an Old Question Leacock Building, Room 132, McGill University Campus, Montreal, QC
14th Aug 2014 The Role of Magnetic Symmetry in the Description and Determination of Magnetic Structures Hamilton
15th Sep 2014 Hands-on workshop Canadian Light Source, Saskatoon
15th Sep 2014 Celebrating 100 Years University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
18th Sep 2014 Crystallography: Where Art & Science Collide Bryan, TX
9th Oct 2014 From Molecules to Medicine: How Structure Helps Cure Disease Webinar, US Eastern Time
10th Oct 2014 Chicago Symposium in Honor of the International Year of Crystallography Chicago
1st Nov 2014 Art of Science McPherson, Kansas
3rd Nov 2014 2014 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference Honolulu, Hawaii
3rd Nov 2014 CCCE 2014 Fall Newsletter online
24th Nov 2014 Art of Science Morristown, NJ