Special publications for IYCr2014

Birth and impact of X-ray crystallography A historical perspective by Davide Viterbo, published in Il Nuovo Saggiatore.
Articles about crystallography in C&EN To mark 100 Years of Crystallography, the American Chemical Society publication Chemical & Engineering News has published a special cover story and feature essay.
Physica Scripta virtual issue on crystallography and the Aminoff Prize To mark the fact that 2014 has been designated the 'International Year of Crystallography', Physica Scripta will be publishing a virtual issue containing Invited Comments on the history of crystallography, as well as autobiographical articles from some of the current and previous winners of the Gregori Aminoff Prize. 
Acta Crystallographica Section F: IYCr crystallization series In honour of the International Year of Crystallography, Acta Crystallographica Section F is publishing a series of articles on the state of the art of macromolecular crystallization.
FEBS Journal special issue With this special issue, the FEBS Journal is joining the international community of structure-oriented enthusiasts in the celebration of IYCr2014, the UN-declared International Year of Crystallography, 2014.
Special Issue of Australian Journal of Chemistry A special issue of the Australian Journal of Chemistry has been put together to celebrate IYCr2014, edited by Stuart Batten, Bostjan Kobe and Luke Guddat. Due to be published by the end of the year (likely either the Nov or Dec 2014 issue).
Special issue of "Chemical News" (in Polish) A special issue of Polish journal "Chemical news" on crystal chemistry, 10 full papers covering different areas of crystal chemistry.
W Ramach Miedzynarodowego Roku Krystalografii – IYCr2014 An article by Alicja Rafalska-Łasocha on Alma Mater journal, vol. 167, 2014
Papers about crystallography in Priroda magazine - II
Papers about crystallography in Priroda magazine - Part II
New adventure of mister N As a special Issue of the Journal of Neutron Science Society of Japan, 'New adventure of mister N'
Cristalografia en el cine (Crystallography in the movies)

Cristalografía en el Cine es una guía didáctica para ser usada en colegios e instituciones, pero también en sociedades culturales, ayuntamientos, etc... 60 páginas con 110 ilustraciones. Disponible en varios formatos para teléfonos celulares, tablets, pdf, etc…

La cristallographie, science et techniques Vol. 44-45 (2015) of Reflets de la physique, the newsletter of the Société Française de Physique (SFP) is entirely dedicated to crystallography and IYCr2014
IUCrJ - a new open-access journal One of the main initiatives of the International Union of Crystallography to celebrate the International Year is the launch of IUCrJ, a new peer-reviewed journal.
Crystallography matters! A 20-page booklet prepared by UNESCO that describes the role of crystallography in the modern world and the significance of the International Year of Crystallography.
Magnetic Group Tables 1-, 2- and 3-Dimensional Magnetic Subperiodic Groups and Magnetic Space Groups by Daniel B. Litvin
Bragg centennial issue A collection of articles contributed by speakers at the Bragg Centennial Symposium held in Adelaide on 6 December 2012, published in Acta Crystallographica Section A
Early Days of X-ray Crystallography This book relates the discovery itself, the early days of X-ray crystallography, and the way the news of the discovery spread round the world. It explains how the first crystal structures were determined, and recounts which were the early applications of X-ray crystallography. It also tells how the concept of space lattice has developed since ancient times, and how our understanding of the nature of light has changed over time.
X-ray diffraction microscopy special issue In anticipation of the International Year of Crystallography in 2014, Journal of Applied Crystallography presents a virtual issue on recent developments in X-ray diffraction microscopy.
50 Years of X-ray Diffraction A collection of first-hand essays, anecdotes and commemorations, first published in 1962 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first experiments in X-ray diffraction.
Cristallografia: la visione a raggi X Teaching pamphlet for high school teachers written in Italian
CrystallinItaly: Crystallography at your door A list of 100 prominent italian sites spanning from monuments to historical places to natural beauties linked to crystallography
Mineralogical Magazine Special Issue On the occasion of the 2014 International Year of Crystallography, the Editorial Board of the Mineralogical Magazine, the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland’s seminal journal, has dedicated a special issue commemorating the role crystallography plays within mineralogy and the mineral sciences. A set of papers by members of Board, as well as special invitees, will showcase the different crystallographic techniques used to characterise minerals. Several review articles will also explore the crystallography of several important mineral groups. We hope that this special issue, which is scheduled to appear in early 2014, will serve as a lasting tribute to the impact that crystallography has had on mineralogy. The Special Issue of Mineralogical Magazine dedicated to IYCr2014 is now live online through GSW and Ingenta.
Special issue of CHIMIA The Swiss Chemical Society is publishing a special issue of their journal CHIMIA dedicated to the International Year of Crystallography.
Hundred years of Crystallography A review by B. Kojić-Prodić and K. Molčanov in Croatian journal Chemistry in Industry.
Nature Special: Crystallography at 100 Access the Nature Special: Crystallography at 100 as a precursor to the launch of Nature Milestones: Crystallography in July 2014
Digital book on X-ray physics A book on how X-rays are used in structural determination of materials, including single molecules, SAXS, nanoparticles, polimers, amorphous, complex systems, powders, single crystals and protein crystals.
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science special issue on "Crystals and Crystallography: From Koh-I-Noor to IYCr2014" To celebrate IYCr2014, the Journal of the Indian Institute of Science dedicates its first issue of 2014 to "Crystals and Crystallography: From Koh-I-Noor to IYCr2014", VOL. 94, NO. 1 (2014)
English-Croatian Dictionary of Crystallography English-Croatian Dictionary of Crystallography, Solid State Physics and Materials Science, containing 1670 terms with a short description of each term in Croatian, to be published in 2014 by the Institute of the Croatian Language and Linguistics, Zagreb, Croatia. Authors: Stanko Popović (spopovic@phy.hr), Antun Tonejc (atonejc@phy.hr) and Milica Mihaljević (mmihalj@ihjj.hr).
Science Crystallography Special Issue Science special issue reprint on Crystallography at 100.
Papers about crystallography in Priroda magazine A set of papers of some scientists of A.V.Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of the RAS written specially on the occasion of IYCr for Priroda magazine (in Russian; annotations in English).
Brochure "Kristallographie in Österreich" brochure (German only) about crystallography and crystallographic activities in Austria. Broschüre über Kristallographie und kristallographische Aktivitäten in Österreich
Nature Milestones in Crystallography Nature Milestones in Crystallography is aimed to further celebrate the International Year of Crystallography. The supplement is a collaboration from Nature, Nature Materials, Nature Nanotechnology and Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.
A Little Dictionary of Crystallography The hard-copy publication A Little Dictionary of Crystallography is a printed snapshot of the contents of the Online Dictionary of Crystallography. The Online Dictionary is a project of the IUCr Commission on Crystallographic Nomenclature. This book brings together in one handy pocket-sized reference work a selection of definitions of crystallographic terms, and is the Commission's contribution to the International Year of Crystallography.