Blogging a crystal structure a day in 2014


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Lithium cobalt oxide LixCoO2 – The Breakout Battery Hit
Cerium gold silicide Phase Under Pressure – Cerium gold silicide
HHTP tetrahydrate Confining water – the structure of HHTP tetrahydrate
PZN Local Order Hidden Inside the Average Order in PZN
Samarium cobalt magnets SmCo magnets – May the 4th be with you
Zinc nitrate Absorbing and beautiful, zinc nitrate
Lithium boro-hydride Stuffing in the hydrogen – Lithium Boro-hydride
Gd5Si2Ge2 Gd5Si2Ge2: Magneto gets cooler
Lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 – The Unexpected Battery Success Story
Han purple Han purple – colour of the terracotta warriors
MIL 143 MIL-143 or the big-brother (ir)regular beta-cristobalite
Sr3TiNb4O15 Growing crystals for your PhD – The trials and tribulations Part 2
Samarium hexaboride, SmB6 SmB<sub>6</sub>: When interesting is skin deep
Methylammonium Lead Halides A Structure for Summer – Methylammonium Lead Halides
Lead Zirconium Titanate A material that could help keep your heart going – lead zirconium titanate
Sodium bicarbonate Getting your cakes to rise – bicarbonate of soda
Potassium cyanide Murder most foul – Potassium Cyanide
Neo-mag (Nd2Fe2B) Neo-mag: The strongest permanent magnet of them all!
Nickel sulfate hexahydrate Crystals you can grow at home – Nickel Sulphate Hexahydrate
Tungsten (VI) oxide WOOO, Tungsten(VI) Oxide!
Sodium vanadium fluorophosphate A bit of a mouthful – sodium vanadium fluorophosphates: Na3V2O2x(PO4)2F3-2x
Gadolinium titanate Certainly not a typical material – the structure of Gadolinium Titanates
Mirabilite Mirabilite: 'The Miracle Salt'
Manganese oxide Spins and Arrows: the Magnetic Story of MnO
Mercury(II) fulminate An Explosive Result – Mercury (II) Fulminate
Cyclodextrin-based MOF Porosity on your Plate – An Edible Metal-Organic Framework
Lithium titanate Spinning around with Spinels – Lithium titanate
Perovskite A little out of the usual – a sneak peek at our take on the structure of a perovskite
Tricalcium aluminate Beautifully holding buildings together – Tricalcium aluminate
ThCr2Si2 ThCr2Si2: giving it the old 1-2-2