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2015 edition now open

Joanna_noIUCrThe second edition of the IUCr Crystal growing competition is now open to schoolchildren from every part of the world. To enter the contest, participants must submit their videos by 22 November 2015

We aim at building a network of local, national or regional crystal growing contests and we invite all coordinators to contact and join us. As part of the international network of crystal growing competitions, you will be entitled to use this badge and invite your participants to send their videos to the IUCr and have an extra opportunity to win a prize at the worldwide level!

Posted 04 Jul 2015 

And the winner is ...

Watch the movie of the official announcement of the winners of the IYCr2014 crystal growing competition at the IYCr legacy conference "Crystallography for the next generation" in Rabat, 22-24 April 2015.

A photo gallery of the laureates with their medals and certificates is on our facebook page. If you haven't done it so far, please send us your photo and we will add it to the gallery.

Posted 02 Jul 2015 

CRISTALES: a world to discover

bigjackk5195fig12thmCongratulations to J.M. Garcia-Ruiz, F. Otalora, A. Garcia-Caballero, L.A. González-Ramíreza and C. Verdugo-Escamillaa on publishing their article "CRISTALES: a world to discover. An exhibition for schools and universities" on the Journal of Applied Crystallography

The exhibition CRISTALES was designed and launched on the occasion of the International Year of Crystallography. It aims to convey a fresh insight into crystallography by placing an emphasis on the most appealing aspects and the most important contributions of crystallography to society, including new materials, solar energy, drug research, electronic materials, cosmetics and the design of new chemicals to improve industrial processes in various fields. CRISTALES has been specifically developed for schools and universities and is composed of 14 posters, all shown and thoroughly described in the paper.

Posted 30 Jun 2015 

India to host the XXIV Congress & General Assembly of the IUCr

IUCr2017_logoIndia will host the 24th Congress & General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography from 21st to 28th August 2017.

A cutting edge program with plenaries, keynotes, microsymposia and posters, commercial exhibits, satellite meetings, workshops and official meetings of the IUCr is planned. This will be a state of the art international meeting set in the unique ambience of India. Hyderabad is a modern city of 9 million people that has gained prominence as an important software and pharmaceutical centre. Its iconic symbol is the Charminar or four minarets, which draws its inspiration from the tetragonal crystal system. It is the central motif in our logo for IUCr 2017.

The web site for the Congress is now available and functional. Find out information about the venue and much much more!

We are sure that IUCr 2017 will be an experience to remember for everyone.

Posted 23 Jun 2015 

Next stop: Tunisia

OpenLabTunisia_mapThe IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Tunisia has been successfully held in the form of a travelling lab. Thanks to the partnership with Bruker AXS, a portable powder diffractomer D2 has travelled to Monastir first (14-17 May 2015) and then to Nabeul (20-23 May 2015). More than 50 students attended in total the workshops organized in the two venues by Mohsen Graia (Monastir) and Habib Boughzala (Nabeul). Big thanks to them and to the Tunisian Crystallographic Association for the wonderful organization.

Click here to read a full report.

Posted 29 May 2015 

La cristallographie au coeur de toutes les sciences

label_draft_v.2.0Great success for the IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Algeria, which was held at the Université frères Mentouri in Constantine from 9 to 14 May 2015 and organized in partnership with Bruker. A total of 80 students (40 from Constantine and 40 from other Algerian as well as Tunisian and Moroccan universities) have attended the OpenLab, which also included several hands-on tutorials and the exhibition "Voyage dans le Cristal".
Click here to download the programme book of the event. A photo gallery will be available soon.

Read more
Posted 19 May 2015 


events_1200This is the number of events associated with the International Year of Crystallography and listed on the IYCr Calendar of events. The actual number of initiatives, events and activities organized and carried out to celebrate IYCr2014 is anyway definitely higher than 545!

Therefore, if you have organized an event and this is not listed on the Calendar, please send all details to iycr2014@iucr.org. This will help create a full archive of what IYCr2014 has been.

We are also collecting reports about all events related to IYCr2014. Reports are listed here, and will be included in the final report to the UN. Please send yours to iycr2014@iucr.org

Posted 14 May 2015 


The iycr2014.org web site is undergoing some restructuring in order to prepare the archive of what the International Year of Crystallography has been and to focus on its legacy and the many initiatives that will continue throughout the coming years.

Start browsing the new menu and the new contents, and come back often to see a brand new web site.

Posted 13 May 2015