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Bruker OpenLab Tunisia
14th May 2015 - 23rd May 2015
Tunisia: Monastir and Nabeul

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Voyage dans le cristal
Throughout 2014

La Cristallographie et Nous
2nd Oct 2014 - 30th May 2015
France: Alsace

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La cristallographie au coeur de toutes les sciences

label_draft_v.2.0Great success for the IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Algeria, which was held at the Université frères Mentouri in Constantine from 9 to 14 May 2015 and organized in partnership with Bruker. A total of 80 students (40 from Constantine and 40 from other Algerian as well as Tunisian and Moroccan universities) have attended the OpenLab, which also included several hands-on tutorials and the exhibition "Voyage dans le Cristal".
Click here to download the programme book of the event. A photo gallery will be available soon.

Posted 19 May 2015 


events_1200This is the number of events associated with the International Year of Crystallography and listed on the IYCr Calendar of events. The actual number of initiatives, events and activities organized and carried out to celebrate IYCr2014 is anyway definitely higher than 545!

Therefore, if you have organized an event and this is not listed on the Calendar, please send all details to iycr2014@iucr.org. This will help create a full archive of what IYCr2014 has been.

We are also collecting reports about all events related to IYCr2014. Reports are listed here, and will be included in the final report to the UN. Please send yours to iycr2014@iucr.org

Posted 14 May 2015 


The iycr2014.org web site is undergoing some restructuring in order to prepare the archive of what the International Year of Crystallography has been and to focus on its legacy and the many initiatives that will continue throughout the coming years.

Start browsing the new menu and the new contents, and come back often to see a brand new web site.

Posted 13 May 2015 

I wished I lived here

logomostraCRISTALLI!@Parma had an amazing impact on the public, attracting 12,500 visitors in 7 weeks. The crowds attending the guided tours with experiments at the weekends were impressive, with everyone showing a real enthusiasm for crystals and ready to learn all the (crystalline) faces of cheese, ham, sugar, ice cream and medicines.

Read the full report by Alessia Bacchi about this and other initiatives in Italy.

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Posted 11 May 2015 

Crystallography365 ... matters more!

[Entry for April 29]We are delighted to announce that the stunningly successful Crystallography365 blog has found an additional home on the Crystallography matters ... more! website. This superb project was one of the public outreach highlights of the International Year of Crystallography 2014. Every day through the year, Helen Maynard-Caseley and her team posted a different crystal structure, introducing the public at large to some of the most important crystal structures ever determined, and offering information and entertainment on a whole host of others. Among the individual structures and themed collections to explore are DNA and the ribosome; haemoglobin, vitamin B12 and cellulose; the many different phases of ice; the composition of Planet Earth; the reason a lobster changes colour on cooking; new discoveries in battery technology; birthstones and other gems; extraterrestrial materials; and many, many more. Bookmark the perpetual calendar feature of Crystallography365, and treat yourself to a fresh insight to the world of crystallography every day.

Posted 27 Apr 2015 

UNESCO Associated Schools Network: Laureates of the crystal growing competition announced

The laureates of the special crystal-growing competition organized by the International Union of Crystallography and UNESCO for selected schools belonging to the UNESCO Associated Schools Network have been announced.


Prizes has been awarded to schools in Singapore, Benin and Argentina. Visit the IYCr crystal-growing competition web page for more details.

Posted 08 Apr 2015 

Under the High Patronage of the King Mohamed VI

It is with great honour that we announce that the conference "Crystallography for the next generation: the legacy of IYCr" (Rabat, 22-24 April 2015) has received the High Patronage of the King Mohamed VI.

Posted 08 Apr 2015 

IUCr awarded ICSU grant

icsuWe are proud to announce that the IUCr has been awarded a grant for the project "Building Science Capacity in Africa via Crystallography" under the ICSU Grants Programme 2015. The proposal was prepared as a follow-up to the IYCr Pan African Summit meeting (Bloemfontein, October 2014) and submitted by the IUCr (as an ICSU member) on behalf of Andreas Roodt, President of ECA and chair of the Summit meeting, and Michele Zema, IYCr Project Manager and IUCr representative for the proposal.

The IUCr project is supported by:

  • ECA
  • ICSU Regional Office for Africa
  • INDABA Series of meetings
  • SAASTA (South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement) Public Engagement with Nanotechnology

The project aims at further cementing the African Crystallographic Association (AfCA), whose Steering Committee has been established at the Summit meeting in Bloemfontein in October 2014. The programme will be conducted as part of the IUCr Crystallography in Africa initiative.

The main actions will be: 

(i) A follow-up meeting to the Summit in 2014 preferentially in Northern Africa, to further work towards the formal formation of AfCA;
(ii) A Workshop in Central Africa, preferably in the Democratic Republic of Congo to offer local scientists the opportunity to interact, liaise, and strengthen basic knowledge of crystallography;
(iii) Bring African scientists to the INDABA series of conferences in South Africa (latter part of 2015) to expose them to high level International interdisciplinary science.

Moreover, the project includes many additional actions, which will be unertaken pending on availability of funds, infra structure and human resources.

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Posted 23 Mar 2015