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4th Mar 2014 9:00am - 30th Nov 2014 4:00pm
India: Mudaliarpet, Pondicherry

ONI eksperymentują!
8th Sep 2014 - 30th Nov 2014
Poland: Mysłowice

CCCE 2014 Fall Newsletter
3rd Nov 2014 - 6th Dec 2014
: online

22nd Nov 2014 4:00pm - 28th Nov 2014 4:00pm

International Year of Crystallography at the Univ. Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
27th Nov 2014 - 28th Nov 2014
Brazil: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

27th Nov 2014 9:15am - 28th Nov 2014 4:00pm

International Conference on Crystal Growth and Biomolecular Crystallography (ICCGBC - 2014)
28th Nov 2014 9:00am - 29th Nov 2014 4:30pm
India: Thanjavur

Crystal morphology course
29th Nov 2014
Belgium: Antwerp

Ongoing exhibitions

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Voyage dans le cristal
Throughout 2014

Living with crystals
13th Feb 2014 6:00pm - 11th Jan 2015 6:00pm
Slovenia: Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije, Ljubljana

Crystallography for Humankind
23rd Jun 2014 - 23rd Dec 2014
Portugal: Caparica

Crystallography: Where Art & Science Collide
18th Sep 2014 - 17th Jan 2015
United States: Bryan, TX

Bibliographical exhibition IYCr2014
1st Oct 2014 - 31st Dec 2014
Spain: A Coruña

La Cristallographie et Nous
2nd Oct 2014 - 30th May 2015
France: Alsace

Crystallography exhibition
10th Oct 2014 - 30th Apr 2015
Belgium: Ghent

11th Oct 2014 - 30th Nov 2014
Italy: Parma

Cristallographie, Fleuriau de Bellevue et la géométrie des minéraux
11th Oct 2014 - 11th Dec 2014
France: La Rochelle

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Latest news

OpenLab Turkey 2: dates fixed

label_draft_v.2.0The IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Turkey 2, organized in collaboration with PANalytical BV, Atomika Teknik, UNAM, the National Nanotechnology Research Center at Bilkent University in Ankara and the Turkish Crystallographic Association will be held in Ankara from 19 to 22 January 2015.
Registrations are open.

Posted 25 Nov 2014 

Spreading the Word About Crystallography in an International Year

ACSlogoThe article "IYCr2014: Spreading the Word About Crystallography in an International Year" by Brian McMahon and Michele Zema (IUCr) will be discussed online on 24 to 26 November during the 2014 Fall Newsletter virtual conference of the DivCHED CCCE of the American Chemical Society.

The full article is available here. To take part in the online discussion you need to set up a free account at http://confchem.ccce.divched.org/2014FallCCCENL.

Posted 21 Nov 2014 

National Workshop on Crystallography Education 2014

ph2A National Workshop on Crystallography Education sponsored by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) and Department of Biotechnology (DBT-Northeast) was organised at Gauhati University on November 8, 2014. Prof. Gautam R. Desiraju (Former IUCr President and IISc, Bangalore) took the initiative by encouraging us to organize an event specifically in the North-East region of India where the field of crystallography has not developed so far compared to the rest of the country. The purpose of organizing this workshop was to celebrate the centenary year of X-ray crystallography and popularize the subject among the students and young researchers as part of IYCr activities.

Click here to read a comment by Gautam Desiraju and a report by Ranjit Thakuria.

Read more
Posted 19 Nov 2014 

Crystal growing competition: deadline extended

cg_howtoWe are very pleased with the many submissions to the IYCr2014 crystal growing competition received in the last week. This has caused some technical problems, either due to browser incompatibilities or network problems. Therefore the deadline has been extended to 22 November 2014.

Before submitting your entry, please read the instructions and important notice at http://www.iycr2014.org/participate/crystal-growing-competition.

Posted 17 Nov 2014 

CODATA Prize 2014 awarded to Professor Sydney Hall

[Professor Sydney R. Hall]"It is particularly fitting that a crystallographer should be so recognised during the International Year of Crystallography" is stated on the CODATA web site. Indeed, the CODATA Prize, a major biennial award which acknowledges outstanding achievement in the world of scientific and technical data, has been awarded to Professor Sydney Hall, who devised a universal self-defining text archive and retrieval (STAR) file format that evolved into the Crystallographic Information Framework (CIF), a momentous contribution in the area of data characterisation, and well known to structural chemists and biologists in particular as both a data and publications standard.

Read more on the IUCr or CODATA web site.

Posted 27 Oct 2014 

OpenLab news

label_draft_v.2.039 students from Colombia and Venezuela, as well as from Bolivia and Costa Rica, and 10 lecturers are ready for the kick-off of the IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Colombia (Bucaramanga, 27-31 October) organized with the partnership of Rigaku and DECTRIS.

At the same time, due to unforeseen circumstances, we inform that the OpenLab Turkey in partnership with PANalytical has been cancelled. The postponement of the event is presently under discussion.

Posted 27 Oct 2014 

IYCr2014 in Benin

abomey-calaviThe first event to celebrate IYCr2014 in Benin will be held the University Campus of Abomey-Calavi on 12-14 November 2014 on the theme "Crystallography at the service of humanity: Issues and Challenges for the Future".

The event is part of the "Journées Scientifiques sur la Cristallographie et Applications" organized by the the Section of Benin of the West African Chemical Society (Société Ouest-Africaine de Chimie, S.O.A.CHIM.).

Posted 23 Oct 2014 

More than 20 countries at the IYCr2014 Pan African Summit

summits_bloemfonteinGroupMore than 100 senior researchers, early career researchers post-doctoral fellows and students representing more than 40 research groups from 32 universities and more than 20 countries attended the IYCr2014 Pan African Summit meeting in Bloemfontein, South Africa, 15-17 October 2014. It provided the opportunity to consider, discuss and review the status of education and research on the broadly defined discipline of Crystallography in countries in the region. A full report and a final declaration signed by the attendees will be available soon.

Posted 22 Oct 2014