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ONI eksperymentują!
8th Sep 2014 - 30th Nov 2014
Poland: Mysłowice

Ciclo de Conferencias del Año Internacional de la Cristalografía
9th Oct 2014 6:00pm - 23rd Oct 2014 8:00pm
Uruguay: Montevideo

Crystal MOOC - The Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry
16th Oct 2014 - 20th Nov 2014
: Internet

„Kristallphänomene in der Arzneimittelentwicklung“
22nd Oct 2014 6:30pm
Austria: Vienna

Crystal morphology course
25th Oct 2014
Belgium: Antwerp

Rigaku OpenLab Colombia
27th Oct 2014 8:30am - 31st Oct 2014 6:00pm
Colombia: Bucaramanga

Crystallography and K to 12
28th Oct 2014 9:00am - 29th Oct 2014 3:00pm
Philippines: Cebu City

The Dorothy Hodgkin Symposium
29th Oct 2014 2:45pm-8:00pm
United Kingdom: Oxford

Colloquium: 50 years of crystallography in Freiburg, Germany
31st Oct 2014 8:30am - 1st Nov 2014 7:21am
Germany: Haus zur Lieben Hand, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität

Ongoing exhibitions

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Voyage dans le cristal
Throughout 2014

Living with crystals
13th Feb 2014 6:00pm - 11th Jan 2015 6:00pm
Slovenia: Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije, Ljubljana

Crystallography Display for IYCr2014
19th Mar 2014 2:00pm - 25th Oct 2014 4:00pm
United Kingdom: Diss, Norfolk

Crystallography in everyday life"- Travelling photo-Exhibition
12th Jun 2014 - 27th Oct 2014
Australia: Australia

Crystallography for Humankind
23rd Jun 2014 - 23rd Dec 2014
Portugal: Caparica

Crystallography: Where Art & Science Collide
18th Sep 2014 - 17th Jan 2015
United States: Bryan, TX

Exposición cristalizARTE
19th Sep 2014 - 15th Nov 2014
Argentina: San Carlos de Bariloche

Bibliographical exhibition IYCr2014
1st Oct 2014 - 31st Dec 2014
Spain: A Coruña

La Cristallographie et Nous
2nd Oct 2014 - 30th May 2015
France: Alsace

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Latest news

1,000 visits reached in a weekend

parma_videoThe exhibition CRISTALLI! was opened in Parma (Italy) on Saturday, 11 October, reaching one thousand visits over the first weekend. All kinds of crystals are on display, from amazing crystals of sugar weighing more than 0.5 kg to meteorites, minerals, shells and a silicon single crystal of 250 kg grown by the Czochralski method, immediately nicknamed 'the rocket'. A giant model of NaCl made of glittering balls and sticks is the kids' favourite. The exhibit will be opened till 30 November and over 2000 students from schools have already registered to visit it.
Click on the thumbnail to watch a video about the exhibition.

Posted 21 Oct 2014 

OpenLab Algeria postponed

label_draft_v.2.0Due to the tragic events occurred last September in Algeria, when a French citizen was kidnapped and murdered, the IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Algeria, organized in partnership with Bruker France, will be postponed to 2015. In fact, the French government decided not to give permission to their nationals to visit Algeria for the time being. The new dates of the OpenLab will be communicated as soon as possible.

Although such risks have almost disappeared from big cities like Constantine, we understand the concerns of the French authorities and look forward to a successful OpenLab in Constantine in a few months time.

Posted 20 Oct 2014 

Registrations open for OpenLab Hong Kong

label_draft_v.2.0Registrations are open for the IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Hong Kong which will be held at the HKUST Campus from 3 to 7 December 2014. The main partner of this OpenLab are Agilent Technologies and OlexSys.

The OpenLab HK offers an opportunity to provide impetus to develop the science and its practice in some of the less developed countries of the Asian region. Students from HK, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines already applied. Deadline for registration is 31 October. Participation is at no cost, however a charge of US$300 is necessary as a Residential Fee for a single room on the HKUST campus for 6 nights (2 to 7 December). Some bursaries are available to subsidise the costs of accommodation and, where possible, travel.

Posted 08 Oct 2014 

Through this letter, we request ...

summits_campinas"Through this letter, we request the IUCr and UNESCO to initiate actions to promote regional scientific collaboration including the holding of training workshops, encouraging the mobility of researchers within the region, promoting joint research projects, leveraging national bodies and institutions for financial support and facilitating regional conferences on the subject of X-ray crystallography and its applications in Latin America. We also request the IUCr to facilitate the establishment of a Latin American IYCr Cooperation Fund.

Read the full summit declaration signed by all participants in the Latin America Summit meeting from the region. All the IYCr declarations are collected at http://www.iycr2014.org/declarations

Posted 08 Oct 2014 

Registrations open for OpenLab Turkey 2

label_draft_v.2.0Registrations are open for the IUCr-UNESCO OpenLab Turkey to be held in Ankara from 3 to 6 November 2014. The main partner of this OpenLab is PANalytical. The OpenLab will deal with powder diffraction theory, data collection and treatment and will have a special focus on applications in the field of cultural heritage. Gilberto Artioli and one delegate from the company will hold the lecturing and tutorials.

Deadline for registration is 27 October. Participation is at no cost. Some bursaries are available to subsidise the costs of accommodation and, where possible, travel.

Posted 06 Oct 2014 

First meeting of the Pakistan Association of Crystallography

PCAFollowing the success of the South Asian IYCr Summit meeting, held in Karachi on 28-30 April, the Pakistan Association of Crystallography (PAC) was founded and accepted as a new member of the IUCr at the 23rd IUCr Congress and General Assembly in Montreal.

The first formal meeting of the PAC will be held on Thursday, October 9 at the FC College, Lahore, as part of the conference "Emerging Trends in Life Sciences for Sustainable Development”. The meeting will feature a plenary lecture by Prof Samar Hasnain, Editor-in-Chief of the IUCr journals.

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Posted 06 Oct 2014 

Latin American Summit a success

summits_campinasThe IUCr-UNESCO Latin American Summit took place in Campinas, Brazil from 22 to 24 September with support by Funding Agencies CNPq, CAPES, and FAPESP, sponsorship by Molecular Dimensions, Bruker, NanoTemper, Agilent, GE Healthcare, Rigaku/Dairix, FORMULATRIX, astex, ttplabtech, and INCOATEC, and Institutional Partnerships with CNPEM, LNBio, LNLS, ABCr, and IFSC.

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Posted 04 Oct 2014 

"I discovered a great new world of possibilities"

Bruker_logoLorena M.: ”The course […] was a very good experience." Lisandro O.: “As student of the course I can tell you that the experience was really rewarding. Everything was perfect and one could feel that nothing was done at random. I really enjoyed being part of it." Ivana A.: “I enjoyed the OpenLab much [more] than I had thought in the beginning. [...] I discovered a great new world of possibilities, and I realized that there are many things that I can do and I did not know." Guzmán P.: “It also was a great deal to have let everyone measure their own crystals on a diffractometer which was installed just one week before the OpenLab."

The latest issue of the Bruker FIRST Newsletter features an article on the IYCr2014 OpenLab Uruguay. Read the testimonials of some of the students who participated in this event.

Posted 03 Oct 2014