Event Name Growing crystals for teachers
Start Date 20th Feb 2014
End Date 21st Feb 2014
Duration 2 days

This workshop is aimed to introduce crystallography to elementary and high schools teachers. The main goal is to improve teachers’ knowledge in crystal formation and its techniques. This will allow teachers to elaborate laboratory projects that include crystallography principles according to their own students’ level and to encourage the participation in the national and international crystal growing competition.
The workshop will be opened by Diego Lamas, President of AACr.


1.  Introduction to crystallography

2.  Atomic structure, chemical bonds and periodic table

3.  Types of crystalline solids: metallic, ionic and covalent

4.  Crystalline systems

5.  Introduction to structure determination using X-ray diffraction

6.  Crystal growing 


Day 1: February 20, 2014.

Day 2: February 22, 2014.

Day 3: March 2, 2014


Place: Instituto Balseiro and Centro Atómico Bariloche, Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina.

Contact: Muestra CAB-IB <muestracabib@cab.cnea.gov.ar>

Location Bariloche
Contact Adriana Serquis
URL http://www.cab.cnea.gov.ar/index.php/noticias-prensa/ultimas-noticias/54-rotador/125-taller-gratuito-de-crecimiento-de-cristales-para-docentes
Category schools and workshops